Friday June 28th 2013 21:00!

Eye for an ear festival: CONCERTS #1


Lumisokea use a wide array of analog hardware to create highly textural and polyrhythmic music, taking cues from dub, techno and musique concrète. With this audiovisual performance, created in collaboration with Yannick Jacquet/Legoman (AntiVJ), they aim to deliver an intensely physical and meditative experience, relieving the audience from the boundaries of the performance space through the use of the tactile and illusory qualities of light projected onto smoke.

Mikomikona experimentally investigates the dynamic transformability of sound into image, image into sound and the effects of cross media interference. For the performance at NK they will work with two overhead projectors which they modified into optophonetic instruments. This set-up allows to connect and transform visual signals into acoustic signals and vice versa creating a synaesthetical environment.

John Hegre & Gisle Frøysland Audiovisual noise improv Hegre delivers
harsh noise and feedback using guitar and effect boxes. Frøysland plugs the audio signal to the videomixer, sends it to another videomixer and back, feedback, analog keying, analog filters.

redFrik alias for livecoding improvisations and audiovisual feedback systems. I don’t believe in ‘fixed products’ so no cds, tracks or finished pieces available.

TOWA: Marta Zapparoli (Prepared tapes & self made devices) & Julie Rousse (Laptop)
Their sonic investigations have much to share: an unconditional love for fieldrecordings, improvisation and distortion. Their organized chaos brings out sincere emotions, oscillating between rhythms and abstraction.

Derek Holzer: sounds, electronics TONEWHEELS is an experiment in converting graphical imagery to sound, inspired by some of the pioneering 20th Century electronic music inventions. Transparent tonewheels with repeating patterns are spun over light-sensitive electronic circuitry to produce sound and light pulsations and textures. This all-analog set is performed entirely live without the use of computers, using only overhead projectors as light source, performance interface and audience display. In this way, TONEWHEELS aims to open up the “black box” of electronic music and video by exposing the working processes of the performance for the audience to see.

“DEPARTURE” _ 35′ intermedia concert by Emidio Buchinho+João Silva+Pedro Lopes

DEPARTURE is a site-specific performance and intermedia concert created by Emidio Buchinho, João Silva and Carlos Santos, around the notion of displacement, movement and memory, using 3 video projections and 4 channel audio setup. It was presented for the first time at the “Dias (Im)Prováveis”, curated by Granular, Teatro Maria Matos, Lisbon, 2009.

Three diferent video shots were made from the windows of a moving train in a particular journey with variable durations, then after edited, were superimposed on the windows of the Theatre Maria Matos café in Lisbon, functioning as layers for the real train station (areeiro/roma) seen outside in the street. Audio recordings were also made from train interiors and train stations. In the performence this recordings were simple playedback or digitaly manipulated in real time.

RESTLICHTVERSTÄRKER: SERVANDO BARREIRO & MALTE STEINER have been working together since 2011.They created a complex stepsequencing and soundsynthesis patch for Pure Data and work with two synchronized laptops via OSC. They augmenting their performances with generative visuals since 2012, also done in Pure Data. The music can be described as rhythmical Clicks And Cuts or IDM. With the open source Pure Data they found their ideal platform to collaborate, exchange and explore sequencing and synthesis concepts plus are able to include easily stock and custom hardware controllers. The concerts build up from scratch, nothing is stored and each performance is unique.**v=QuhXqumKmNg