Saturday August 22 7:30pm

Thrall: Evokation des Ewig-Weibliche presented by Nikolas Schreck


On Saturday, 22 August, Nikolas Schreck will make a rare public appearance at NK Berlin to personally present the world premiere of the World Operations concert film In Her Thrall: Evokation des Ewig-Weibliche, which documents his acclaimed September 2014 concert with John Murphy at Dresden’s Tower Transmissions Festival. Nikolas will introduce the film of the concert with a lecture on the theory and practice of sonic magic, including an explanation of the ritual and musical background of the concert.


Tuesday August 25th 20:00 Doors 21:00 Concerts

Jessika Kenney / Eyvind Kang / Hildur Gudnadottir


Duo of Kenney & Kang
Hildur Gudnadottir Solo
Trio of Kenney, Kang & Gudnadottir


Thursday June 25th 2015 Concert 21:00



N.K. presents their second year of Musical Thursdays at Uferstudios for this year’s DRECK: EIN APPARAT.


Venue: Heizhaus @ Uferstudios
Uferstraße 8, 13357 Berlin


Date: 13th & 14th of June 2015 from 12:00 onward

Befaco DIY Modular Synth Workshop

You will learn the basics for building your own modules from the most simple parts.
At the end you will have a module to begin a system or to add to your existing rack.
Participants can decide between any of the modules that are available.

Friday, February 6th 2015, 14.00 – 17.00 & / Or Saturday, February 7th , 14-00 – 17.00

Spontaneity in Structure: The Parametric Method of Group Improvisation for Musicians and Nonmusicians

Improvisation is often called composition in real time; however, the word improvisation means a sort of spontaneous action. How the balance between spontaneity and structure can be found without damaging the free flow of a consciousness stream? How to interact spontaneously in a group improvisation to create a music stuff which sounds same time structuralized and attractively unpredictable? How to search for a common language being a part of a group of improvisers, even being a newcomer?


Closing Statement

***Due to financial issues & high running costs, NK as an on-site location will cease to exist as of Mid September 2015, but will continue as a Collective. We are no longer handling requests for on-site events, but are open to external projects & curation requests. We will continue our activities off-site at other venues. The NK mailbox will be answered on a weekly basis. Please subscribe to our mailing list to hear about our future activities.***

We will still host a couple of more events before closing our doors to the public as a space. A benefit fundraiser for NK to pay its bills & a few more events that needed our support to happen.

June 8th to August 14th

Call for Participation: School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe summer program: Interventions: Art, Technology & Social Practice

The School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe is excited to announce ‘Interventions: Art, Technology & Social Practice’, an exploration into the intersection of technology and art, activism, and community-building. Expert instructors will lead workshops over a ten week period in Berlin, Germany.

How can you socially engage with the world in playful and disruptive ways? This course will focus on conceptualizing and creating socially-engaged artworks and stories in both old-fashioned ways and through using code, electronics, and more. From the whimsical, to the thoughtful, to the subversive, it is set up to take you on an introspective journey that inevitably leads to discovering the world around you.


Upcoming Concerts @ NK 2015