Friday May 2 2014 21:00

Aidan Baker / Thisquietarmy: Hypnodrone Ensemble / Golden Diskó Ship / Lori Goldston



Wednesday May 7th 2014 Doors 20:30 Concerts 21:00

IMAGO (GYDA VALTÝSDÓTTIR + SHAHZAD ISMAILY) / Colin M. Hacklander & Shahzad Ismaily / Francesco Donadello



Wednesday May 21st 2014 Doors 20:30 Concert 21:00

The International Nothing


Kai Fagaschinski – clarinet, composition
Michael Thieke – clarinet, composition


Fri Sat & Sun April 25, 26 & 27 2014 16:00-20:00

Generative and chaotic: Workshop [rdxs]:__x=i d’Óscar Martín

The workshop is planned as an experimental, theoretical and hands-on laboratory on the concepts of emergent systems, stochastic, chaotic and generative sound & light art installations. The participants will work based on the contents and the technological development of the installation RdES ( ). In the lab we are going to be learning tools like Pure Data and Arduino and the participants will be develop collective prototypes.


May 2nd & 3rd 14:00-18:00 May 4th 18:00-22:00

Wearable synthesizers with Constanza Piña

Wearable synthesizers is a practical workshop focused on electronics manufacturing for textile projects. During the workshop we will learn to develop soft and flexible circuits, exercising sewing conductive materials and combining elements of textile world with electronics.

Sun May 25th 2014 14:00-17:00

Intro to the Processing Programming Language: simple interactive graphics and animation for everyone

Start programming graphics and animation with Processing (, an easy-to-learn, free, open-source programming environment. Processing is great for beginners who are learning to program, and powerful enough for professionals to use as a design tool.

This workshop is Free to attend to register send an email to infoATnkprojektDotde


Upcoming Concerts @ NK 2014

31.05.2014 INM Series Composing This Space: PRSZR / ZAN LYONS

06.06.2014 MATMOS / JEFF CAREY

13.6.2014 Film Screening + Concerts: Sound and Chaos: The Story of BC Studio + Martin Bisi Band (NYC) + Sweet Banditry (NYC/DNK)

14.6.2014 Considering Erik Satie’s Vexations: 12 Hours of New Music

07.11.2014 Instrument inventors initiative

Wednesday May 14th DOORS 19:30 FILM STARTS 20:00

Sublime Frequencies Film Screening Robert Millis presents, THIS WORLD IS UNREAL LIKE A SNAKE ON A ROPE


Supercollider User Meetings

Free to attend come meet and learn from fellow SC users.
Next Meeting is at 8pm on April 30th.