Sunday Sept 6th 2015 Concerts Start @ 19:00 Sharp!

Mattin / Cured Pink / Sick Horse / Justice Yeldham / Regular Line





PORTRAITS OF MASTERS is a series of art works / drawings by Slovak visual artist Martin Derner consisting of interventions into existing portraits of the most important composers of contemporary music such as John Cage, Steve Reich, David Tudor, Earle Brown, Morton Feldman, Philip Glass and Milan Adamčiak In these works Derner is using various draftsmanship materials and techniques (pencil, pen, chalk, etc.). By using character based, symbolic and material, author examines the formation of dialogue – a game with rules of re-contextualization, but also deteritorialisation of original. These interventions are kind of a commentary on the original photos while also an unique homage to each composer

Organized by

Supported by Ministry of culture Slovak Republic


REGULAR LINE (performance):
Bon Jour Monogramista T.D.



Thursday August 20th at Atonal Starting @ 20:00

DJ Scotch Bonnet & Friends / Ratbag / Krube.


NK Presents at Atonal

Venue: OHM
Köpenickerstr. 70


Friday August 21st starting @ 20:00

Jealousy Party / Pure / FrauW


NK Presents at Atonal

Venue: OHM
Köpenickerstr. 70



Date: 13th & 14th of June 2015 from 12:00 onward

Befaco DIY Modular Synth Workshop

You will learn the basics for building your own modules from the most simple parts.
At the end you will have a module to begin a system or to add to your existing rack.
Participants can decide between any of the modules that are available.

Friday, February 6th 2015, 14.00 – 17.00 & / Or Saturday, February 7th , 14-00 – 17.00

Spontaneity in Structure: The Parametric Method of Group Improvisation for Musicians and Nonmusicians

Improvisation is often called composition in real time; however, the word improvisation means a sort of spontaneous action. How the balance between spontaneity and structure can be found without damaging the free flow of a consciousness stream? How to interact spontaneously in a group improvisation to create a music stuff which sounds same time structuralized and attractively unpredictable? How to search for a common language being a part of a group of improvisers, even being a newcomer?


Tuesday Sept 8th 2015 Doors 19:00 Film Screening at 20:00

Heart Beat Ear Drum – A film about Z’EV

NK PRESENTS: Heart Beat Ear Drum – A film about Z’EV by Ellen Zweig

SPEKTRUM | art science community
Bürknerstraße 12 12047 Berlin

A portrait of the artist and musician Z’EV, known for his punk era scrap metal music – how his music changed and grew and how his personal journey led him to the margins of art and the depths of heart.

In addition to interviews with Z’EV, there are interviews with a community of artists who have known him since the 1970s, curators who have encountered him in the 1990s, and young people who have only heard his recorded music or read his philosophical texts.

View trailer:

Thursday Sept 10th at 20:00

SyntheticSound: An Experimental Music // Video Retrospective

Video Out Distribution (Vancouver, Canada) is pleased to present SyntheticSound, a program of experimental video shorts for an evening at NK.

This screening, curated by Alan Kollins, formerly of Video Out Distribution, brings together a collection of significant experimental video and music works from the Crista Dahl Media Library & Archive.

The program attempts to chronicle important cinematic experimentations, technological advancements, sub cultural movements, and societal analyses with works dating from the 1970s to now – videos by Laurie McDonald, COUM Transmissions with Cosey Fanni Tutti, Arlo Action with Terry Riley, Fantasy Factory, Clark Nikolai, Eric Lorenz, Michael Venus, Mathilde Geromine, Elizabeth Vander Zagg, Brendan Baudat, Lief Hall, and Duane Linklater.

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by Berlin based artist and theorist, Nine Yamamoto-Masson.

Closing Statement

*** NK as an on-site location will cease to exist as of Mid September 2015, but will continue as a Collective. We are no longer handling requests for on-site events, but are open to external projects & curation requests. We will continue our activities off-site at other venues. The NK mailbox will be answered on a weekly basis. Please subscribe to our mailing list to hear about our future activities.***

We will still host a couple of more events before closing our doors to the public as a concert space. A benefit fundraiser for NK & a few more events that needed our support to happen.