About us


N.K. Projekt is an artist-run, independent & non-profit organization in Berlin that promotes popular musics and their examination; the avant-garde; experimentation; criticism.

For the past 8 years, NK has been a fore-runner of Neukölln’s creative cultural scene and has long supported music that pushes conceptions and manifestations of popular music. With a solid history of supporting emerging musicians and labels with a close relationship to pop music, NK’s activities boast an impressive amalgamation of musical perspectives & practices.

On site, NK contains each element of the musical production chain, resulting in a totality— something of a nucleus or microcosm of the ‘music world’ at large: Learning (education of musical practices & technologies via our impressive workshop program); Production (on-site music studios); Distribution (on-site record labels & distribution centers); Presentation (performance space, now smaller but fully functional).

Standing in the heart of working-class Neukölln, only meters away from the old Berlin Wall in the old American Sector, the N.K. Projekt space is an entire factory floor of an old Schokoladen Fabrik. Built circa 1907, this building has survived two World Wars and has now become an important fixture in the Berlin & International experimental music worlds, due to the efforts of N.K. Projekt and Neukölln’s transformation into an up-and-coming spot for internationally working artists, transient artists and creative professionals.

The general layout of NK: onsite studios & a general purpose room for rehearsals, concerts, and workshops in a 500 square meter factory floor.


Julian Percy & Farahnaz Hatam / Co-founders

Colin Hacklander / Co-director

Florian Hanisch / Technical Staff

Aniana Heras Cosin / Graphic & Web Design

Booking Inquiries & All other proposals / info@nkprojekt.de

Workshop Participants: If you dont get a response within 3 days to your email please call us at +49(0)17620626386.