Monday to Saturday September 27th-October 2nd 12:00-16:00

PURE DATA CRAZY A/V MACHINES With Oscar Martin & Luca Carruba

The aim of this workshop is to learn simple programming strategies for the creation of audio/video software tools for live performances. Generative or interactive piece of software that let artist creates and controls a video stream or an audio processing in real time.

During the workshop we will use Pure Data, a free (as a bird and as a beer) graphical programming language particularly focused on the processing of audio and video data in real time. Pure data is a tool for artists whom wants experiment with a
different creation pattern, with a freedom to build from the scratch they own instruments or interactive installation. You dont need to be a programmer to begin to build your tool. In 5-6 days long workshop you will learn the basis of language, how to manipulate or create a video and how to play with audio. At the end of the workshop all participants will play in a jam session together in the Lab space or exhibit their prototypes.

Workshop Leaders:

Luca Carruba graduated summa cum laude in Sociology of Communication, Luca Carrubba has worked for 5 years under the new media field as artist and independent researcher. Formed between institutional and underground medialabs in Barcelona and Madrid, he focus its production on the interaction between audio and video, always share the practices and codes. Based its action on certain keywords like DIY (do it yourself), knowledge sharing, accessibility, recycling and social movements. Also participated in many workshops to spread free software/technology/culture among Italy, Spain, England, Germany, France, Argentina, Brazil, Palestine and China. He is now professor of new technologies for art in Libera Accademia delle Belle Arti, Brescia, Italy.

Oscar Martin holds a Fine Arts degree from the Universidad Politecnica of Valencia, specializing in Sculpture and Audiovisual Media. That is where he came into contact with sound art through Leopoldo Amigo y Bartolomé Ferrando. A sound explorer, he bases his work on the deconstruction of field recordings and the creative use of technology errors. Luthier-digital with a pure data environment, which he uses to develop his own experimental tools for processing and real time algorithmic-
generative composition. He can be placed somewhere between Computer Music, the Aesthetics of Error, and generative Noise.
He seeks the creation of virtual sound universes, imaginary soundscapes that encourage active listening and a different sensibility toward the perception of sound phenomena. He works under the open source paradigm. All his work is published under Creative Commons license, by different labels and netlabels (dronerecords, tecnoNucleo, costellam, etc.)

Schedule Monday September 27th to October 2nd 12:00-16:00
day 1 open source philosophy
installation pd-extended
intro: learn the basic of pure data language
(data type, data flow, abstractions, internals, externals, etc.
resources, community, list, documentations, etc.)

day 2 pure data audio real time
oscillators, additive_synthesis, adsr, sequencers,
amplitude_modulation, frequency_modulation,
subtractive_synthesis, monophonic_synthesizer,
play_rec_files, sampling, Fxs, granular, etc ..

day 3 video basics
GEM graphical environment for multimedia
3D and video generation and process
output, sources, mix, render
interaction audio/video

day 4 communications and protocols (expand pure data)
OSC connect pd with other computer and/or applications
MIDI to connect a midi controller
keyboard and mouse to control pd
stream audio
arduino <.....> pd, sensor

day 5 make your own instrument or interactive installation
day 6 jam session of the participants

Workshop Location: @ NK Elsenstr. 52 2HH 2Etage 12059 Berlin

Participation is limited to 12.

Registration: Pre-registration is required and can be done by sending an email to

Fee: 90 Euros