Thursday & Friday June 16, 2011- Dancing on Ashes (Amsterdam) 22:00 & June 17th Dancing on Ashes (Circle) 22:00

Dancing on Ashes

Dancing on Ashes (Amsterdam) / Dancing on Ashes (Circle)

Dancing on Ashes is a multimedia performance series mixing live music and projected narrative texts. An attempt to create a new approach to literature by transposing it into the field of performance arts, it is the backbone of the Angel Meat transmedia project conceived by Ines Birkhan and Bertram Dhellemmes.

Dancing on Ashes performances are based on fictional characters and situations that you will find in several other mediums – novel, posters, videos, blogs… – gathered in Angel Meat. Each performance is both a new chapter in a big narrative and an experiment in the staged literature medium.

Dancing on Ashes (Amsterdam) is a performance-installation staging self-playing music instruments. It tells the story of Yu, a dancer who decides to join the Dancing on Ashes cabaret show.

Dancing on Ashes (Circle) is a music + text performance with Bertram Dhellemmes playing electronics, that will premiere in NK. You will learn about the Triangle Circle, a group of friends to which belong Skullface, one of the main protagonists of Angel Meat.
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