Saturday, 30th January 2010

1 Day Workshop to the Software Usine taught by Nay-seven

Usine is a universal audio software especially designed for live or studio utilisation. Usine is made by musicians and audio engineers to respond to their specific problems in a lot of domains like live sampling, effect processing or sound designing. Usine is a real musical instrument, flexible and powerful if you like to transform, resample the sound on stage, improvise and create unusual effect.

Usine Free is fully functional but you can’t edit Sub Patches or Scripts and the dual core optimization is disabled. Usine Pro (without any editing limitation) costs 70€.

The workshop gives an introduction to the concept of Usine and shows how to build your own workspace for live situation:

- Introduction to the concept and user interface of Usine

- Global setup

- Patches creation with various examples :
* Recording of external audio sources .
* How to play and control sounds (use of sampler / rack of effects…)
* Possibilities of sound editing/ routing : filters, effects, analysis, automations, lfo, random, etc.

- Use VST Plug-ins (effects and instruments, piano roll…)

- Manipulate midi, audio, data flux via buses.

- Control Usine patches with MIDI controllers.

- Introduction to the sequencer.

- Create your own user interface for live situation.

- Saving patches, complete workspaces, and configurations.

- Alternative input devices ( Wii mote , joystick, ( demo of v5 video tracking )

- Future of Usine ( version 5 )

Each participant will go back with all exercises we have done in the workshop at the end of the day. (Via usb key or ftp)
The workshop will be held in English.

Teacher: Nay-seven has help Usine users on the official forum since 2 years now (website)

Timetable: 10:00-12:30 < lunch break > 13:30 18:00
Final live set 18.00_22:00

Participation fee: 20 Euros


- Own Computer (PC /Win XP/vista /seven , Mac OS X with bootcamp running)
IMPORTANT: no help could be expected with bootcamp , so be sure you’re used to running Usine this way )

- Running freeware or pro version.

- Basic knowledge in computer based music creation

- Headphones, microphone

- If possible, bring your own MIDI Controller or MIDI Keyboard

Location: NK / Elsen Str. 52 (2. Hof) 2. Etage 12059 Berlin, DE
Tel nr. +49 (0)17620626386

Limited to 12 participants. Please register early to ensure a place by sending an email

More info on Usine :
Flickr pictures