Thursday May 10th 2012 Doors 20:00

scopesessions #14

FAMU/CAS special session

(Doors open 20:00, talks start at 21:00. Event is at NK in Elsenstrasse 52, Berlin 12059)

FAMU/CAS special session

This time we will host a special night where all talks are done by students of the CAS Department of the FAMU School of Prague.

CAS presentation by Dalibor Knapp 21:00

CAS (Center for Audio Visual Studies) is a part of FAMU (Film and TV school of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague), the prestigious and one of Europe’s oldest film schools where numerous awarded and world known Filmmakers have studied. (Milos Forman, Emir Kusturica, Jan Němec, Věra Chytilová , …)

The department of Audio Visual Studies (CAS) teaches a range of courses for those wanting to create moving image works ‘beyond cinema.” Video installation and interactive works, locative and mobile media, code based projects, conceptual artworks, multi-channel and multi-threaded sound and image practice, experimental documentary, and expanded to database cinema are some of the areas that the students work in.

Dalibor will introduce us the department and the areas they work in, but centerpiece of this talk is show some of the spectrum of works being done by the students.

Stanislav Abraham 21:20

Audiovisual performer, crossing over from pure sound art to more conceptual works. In addition to sound production, Stanislav Abraham focuses on multimedia installations, and intervention in public space. Professionally devoted to the recording studio and audio post-production in the audiovisual field, he will show us his work in progress on the topic of disembodied human voice in relation to phonographic technologies, speech synthesis and text to speech.

Katerina Bilkova & Fabian Scharpf 22:10

Katerina Bilkova participates actively in theater, belonging to groups like Depresivní děti touží po penězích (Depressed children begging for money) and Bio Oko (Bio Eye). Uses mainly analog cameras and film rolls as building blocks for her work.

She will perform “Outer Scan” and explain the technique behind it. Using a regular scanner, images of different analog objects are animated using a Quartz Composer patch and accompanied by live audio performed by Fabian Scharpf with Max/Msp.

Alexandra Moralesova & Stanislav Abraham 22:40

Interested in film footage and performance she initiates different image-moving projects and musical collaboration. The main motif of the live performance for her is a remediation of existing material (8mm film, photography, diary and correspondence) and de/construction through various ways of showing it.

Together with our second Talker, Stanislav Abraham, she will show us her new Performance “Gardening”. Gardening is a kind of semiotics, the performance tries to find the way through the garden’s syntax and plays with its visible and notional elements. The strategy to this inquiry lies in remediation of amateur 8mm footage and in questioning the relevant notions.

We will present the artist talks & media salon at NK, Elsenstr. 52 in Neukölln.

The easiest way to get to NK is via Bus 171 (to: Flughafen Schönefeld Airport) from U Hermannplatz (departure 20:17, 20:37, 20:57) and get off at at station Elsenstr.

Alternatively you cantake Bus 171 (to: U Hermannplatz) from S Sonnenallee (departure 19:53, 20:11, 20:30) and get off at at station Elsenstr.