Saturday Nov 14th 2015 Doors 20:00

Z’ev / Pure / Everest Magma

NK Presents:
NK co-curated the 2nd day of the festival in collaboration with Occulto

Venue: NOrthEurope/WestGermany
Skalitzerstr. 133
10999 Berlin

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Occulto Fest 2015 features the German premiere of Z’EV’s CINEmotion – an evolution of his previous project Cine-Cussion that presents audiovisual pieces accompanied by live electronic music. On the occasion, film footage of a metalmorphic performance of his produced in NYC in 1983 will be used as the source material whose audio and video has been time dilated.

The American poet, audiovisual artist, musician and percussionist active under the name Z’EV studied at CalArts with Concrete poet Emmett Williams. In the late 70s he started to build his own concussive and percussive instruments, mostly out of metal and other industrial materials, and to perform with them. His 1988 LP “BUST THIS!” was chosen by The Wire as one of the fifty best percussion-based records of all time. In his own words, his “aesthetic interests focus on the manipulation of time and duration and the production of acoustic and cymatic phenomena”, and his “work with text and sound has been influenced by primarily – but not only, middle eastern mystical systems, as well as African, Afro-Caribbean and Indonesian music and culture.”

Works of his has been released over the course of more then 35 years by labels such as Subterranean, Avant, Die Stadt, Important Records. He had collaborations with (among others) Konrad Becker, Alkistis Dimech, Lydia Lunch, Merzbow, Stephen O’Malley, Chris Watson and John Zorn.


Born in Vienna and based in Berlin, PURE has been making uncompromising electronic music since 1992. On stage he sculpts abstract sonic stories from evolving textures, pulsating repetitions and dynamic breaks using both hard- and software that equally affect the listener’s brains and bodies. While being one of the driving forces bringing techno culture to Vienna in the early 90s – as DJ, producer and organizer, he departed from that style soon after and moved on to less explored, harsher fields of electronic dance. His turn towards experimental electronic music in the second half of the 90s went hand in hand with getting into programming his own music software. He uses this knowledge since then for computer based live performances and teaching at various universities and education facilities. Since 2003 he’s developed the HEART CHAMBER ORCHESTRA together with Erich Berger; an award-winning audio-visual composition for 12 musicians in which the heartbeats of the musicians create a score in real time. He recently started to reintegrate beat-oriented compositions into his live performances creating a dynamic collage of abstract soundscapes and heavy, bodily music.

He has over 30 physical and digital releases on labels such as Editions Mego as BOLDER (with Martin Maischein), PURE and ILSA GOLD, on Hinterzimmer with his electronic percussion duo PRSZR (with Rafal Iwanski), on Crónica, Praxis, Staalplaat, Drop Bass Network and many more.


Everest Magma is the latest incarnation of the hyperprofilic Italian musician behind Rella the Woodcutter, a project that has already a number of releases on Boring Machines and one on La Délirante. In recent years, he put aside his psych-folk attitude and got his hands on a bunch of machines, tape recorders and pedal effects. The results, released once again by Boring Machines, confirm his desire and ability to push towards the extreme borders of any genre and instrument he confronts himself with.

Recorded in the Summer of 2014 while all the neighborhood was on vacation, Everest Magma’s debut album Modern / Antique exemplifies the multifaceted spectrum of sounds he’s currently willing to study. Raw loops of almost broken circuitry, semi-danceable beats are sometimes interrupted by more meditative and spacey moments or disturbed by stretched and unintelligible vocals.