Wednesday Nov 6th 2013 19:00

AVANT AVANTGARDE: Installations / Lecture / Concert

ZAM and fundacja 4.99 present AVANT AVANTGARDE An anachronistic journey through time to music experiments before XXth century

Lecture by Michal Libera / Installations of Music Machines by Marion Wörle and Maciej Sledziecki / Installation Concert Burkhard Beins & Michael Vorfeld


There is no such thing as new music. And there has never been one. Otherwise, when did it start? Was it in 1778 when the futurist intonarumori were first designed by the engineers of Ekhof-Theater? Thirty years before that, when minimalist idea of combination tones were first theorized by Giuseppe Tartini? Or was it in XIII Century when Schoenberg’s “Reihe” were presupposed by Raymond Llull in his computation techniques? Or earlier?

Avant Avant Garde is an anachronistic chase for experimental practices in scores, prints and treatises way before terms such as “new”, “contemporary”, “experimental” or “avant garde” music were conceived. We dig in the history not in search of schools and trends of music making. We dig to find maverick who could not wait until XXth century to see themselves becoming silent patrons of most thrilling adventures in sound making.


The lecture will be an introduction to the idea behind and the variety of activities of Avant Avantgarde. It will deliver the findings of the research about experiments with sound and music before 20th Century – both curatorial (for the concerts and instruments) and editorial (for the book). The key areas will be amplification, noise, sound manipulation and projection including references to architecture studies, archaeoacoustics, ethnography as well scientists, composers and engineers such as Athanasius Kircher, Leonardo da Vinci, Samuel Morland, Giuseppe Tartini, Ernst Chladni and many others. In particular, the presentation will introduce the Berlin‘s concert in Berghain and present some recordings from previous editions in Cologne, Cracow and Warsaw.

Over the course of the project Marion Wörle and Maciej Sledziecki – also organizers of Avant Avantgarde – developed in collaboration with instrument-builder Gerhard Kern a growing automated orchestra of specifically designed music-machines referring to its Renaissance predecessors but expanded with computer controls.

Burkhard Beins performs “The Chladni Project” prepared and developed by Burkhard Beins & Michael Vorfeld.