Sat. & Sun. 22nd-23rd November 2014, 13.00-17.00

Yodelling Intensive with Doreen Kutzke

Yodelling is often associated with schlagers or tiroler kitsch, less so with traditional folk singing stemming from mountain areas. Yet, as a particular singing technique that alternates quickly between head and chest voice, it appears in a much wider range of singing cultures too.

Yodelling gives a foundation to explore the vocal apparatus, the musical cry, and dissonant harmonics that also have appealed to a lot of experimental music since it proposes alternative ways of using the voice. On 22nd and 23rd November 2014 a yodel intensive is organised to explore this technique as a basis for singing, working with visual scores, alpine technique, african yodelling, american yodelling and improvised yodelling.

Doreen Kutzke is a german actress, performance artist, composer, singer, and vocal-teacher specialised in the art of yodeling. She grew up in the Harz-Mountain region and started yodeling & singing at the age of 6. Her activities include musical performances and concerts with numerous projects playing Country and Swing with The Österreicher, with singer and performance artist Ute Waldhausen as Parabelles, with Performance Artist Daniel Löwenbrück as Kutzkelina and Raionbashi, Composer Myriam van Imschoot and solo as Kutzkelina, including performances and festival appearances all over the world.


Time: 13.00-17.00
Location: N.K., Elsenstr. 52, 2. Etage, 12059 Berlin-Neukölln
Maximum participants limited to 20

Registration for workshop is required.
Workshop reservation: doreenATjodelschule-kreuzbergDOTde