May 3rd & 4th 14:00-18:00 May 5th 18:00-22:00

Wearable synthesizers with Constanza Piña

Wearable synthesizers is a practical workshop focused on electronics manufacturing for textile projects. During the workshop we will learn to develop soft and flexible circuits, exercising sewing conductive materials and combining elements of textile world with electronics.

The idea is to develop an analog synthesizer circuit that we can attach to our body in a soft, supple and smooth way to interact, and that allow us a greater performance, between the device and the body of the performer.

No previous experience or knowledge necessary!

1º day

-Introduction to electro-textiles and analogic electronics
-Basic electronic components
-Reading circuit schematics
-Getting started with oscillators

2º day

-Getting started with soft-circuits
-Making resistors, switches, sensors, and experimenting with conductive everyday objects.
-Embroidery and sewing with conductive thread and electronic components
-Start to build the wearable synthesizers (personal projects)

3º Day
-Conclusion and testing of wearable synthesizers

Duration: 3 days, 4 hours per day (12 hours) May

Please register for this workshop by sending an email to constanzapinap(AT)gmail(DOT)com with the subj line Wearable Synth Workshop

What will be provided:
-Conductive thread, electronics components, one 3 volts battery, conductive everyday objects, sewing materials.

What participants should bring:
-Scissors, nippers, soldering iron, clothes or accessories to intervene, sewing staff.

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Constanza Piña is a Chilean artist and contemporary dance performer.

She creates works in various fields including new media, dance, performance, focusing in DIY synthesizers, electronic textiles and wearable technology.

She was co-director of the Art and Technology Laboratory Chimbalab (2008-2012) and has conducted numerous workshops and lectures about electronic experimentation and DIY Culture. She is also member of Sudamerica Experimental, an independent sharing and collaborative platform for Electronic Arts projects.