Workshop on June 28th & 29th 2014 16:00-20:00

Victorian Synthesizers

Noise artist Crank Sturgeon joins NK for a two day workshop constructing & performing with Victorian Synthesizers. For the uninitiated, a Victorian Synthesizer employs 19th Century technology (such as audio speakers and batteries) to create sounds that emulate analog tone generators and modern electronic instruments. Crank’s workshop will cover basic soldering techniques & safety, as well as utilizing the synthesizer in various outlets, including performance, collaborations, and amplification techniques. The workshop will also result in the creation of an orchestra, featuring a live performance & film screening on day two.

Workshop participants are encouraged to bring a used speaker to the workshop to experiment with. This workshop is open to all ages and levels of experience.

Fledgling Smudge, a love story by Crank Sturgeon

Day one will be a 4 hour course. We will go over soldering techniques, safety, and getting our Victorian Synthesizers up and running. We will then take our speakers into the environment. Can you imagine a Victorian Synthesizer marching band? How about an orchestra? Or, using the speaker as a beacon, an environmental art installation, or as an analog bird call. These exercises will be filmed for a screening on day two.

On day two we will return to the space and learn how to build homemade pickups for our synthesizers. Fully amplified, we will then be ready for a Victorian Synthesizer concert! The concert will also include a screening of the film made during the workshop on day one.

What to bring:
-wire cutters & needle nose pliers
-wire strippers
-an old speaker (or several) Any size speaker will work: guitar speakers, radio speakers, etc no auto speakers
-Soldering Gun is recommended

Fee: Participation for both days 30 € + 5 € Material
Location: NK Elsenstr. 52 2HH 2Etage 12059 Berlin

Please preregister by sending an email to infoATnkprojektDotde with the subj Line Victorian Synthesizers