Saturday Jul 12th 2014 17:00

SuperCollider Meeting / Presentation


To restart our monthly SC-meetings in a sticky, geeky, melodic and danceable way, Mexico’s greatest band of experimental electro-pop will talk about their work and their live act, based entirely on SuperCollider and self made interfaces. After their second European tour, they are eager to share their experiences on the road, the Algoraves and their vision on their unique style with the SC community in Berlin.

Also from Mexico, Andrés Villa Torres will talk about his work developing a physical interface for rehabilitation, controlled with SC.

This is a great way to start again with our monthly meetings! we hope to have you there and generate nice discussions about SuperCollider, interfaces and live acts. Note that this is very interesting also for different kinds of programmers and artists. See you there!

This Meeting is organized by Alexandra Cárdenas