Tuesday March 24th 2015 Doors 20:00 Concerts 20:30


Toshimaru Nakamura: No Input mixer
Katsuyoshi Kou: Electric guitar


Matthias Bauer is contrabass player, improviser, composer and interpreter of contemporary music. After lengthy residencies in Lyon and Cologne, he lives in Berlin since 1991. Apart from work in music ensembles ranging from contemporary classical to free improvisation, is a central concern with experimental music-theater, dance projects, live poetry and his own solo performances incorporating the voice.


Maria Lucchese is visual artist and performer from Italy, resides in Berlin. Her interest toward the performing art is born after a long research that links arts in general and primitive arts in particular – rich of symbolism and rituality – to the theatre and the β€œKlangsound”. She dedicates her interest to the ancient musical instruments, majoring particularly the australian horn (didgeridoo), zither, launeddas, gong, oceandrum, and the theremin. She plays them in a very unusually way.

http://www.marialucchese.de β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”
MARTA ZAPPAROLI, prepared tapes, field recordings

In their live performance, the Berlin-based sound artists Alessandra Eramo and Marta Zapparoli utilise mostly recordings of unperceivable sounds from unconventional environments, extended vocal techniques, movement, electronic devices and portable tape recorders. Surrounded by the audience, the two performers move between fixed audio stations and several bases distributed around the stage, equipped with analogue tape recorders and microphones. The audience is immersed in the sound and focused on the physical movement of the performers.
More Infos: http://eramo-zapparoli-duo.blogspot.de/

ALESSANDRA ERAMO is a vocalist, sound artist and composer. Her artistic work explores the relationship and tension between vocality and writing, using sound, performance, installation, drawing and video. The voice is her main instrument, which she radically extends to discover a personal visceral and archaic language, exploring the phonetics, the physicality and trance-like states. Gaining international recognition, she has performed and exhibited widely in Europe, Turkey, USA and Canada, among others, at: Museum FLUXUS+ Potsdam, Torna Istanbul, Deutschlandradio Kultur, Galerie Haus am LΓΌtzowplatz Berlin, Liverpool Biennial 2012, Lyd & Litteratur Festival Aarhus, Roulette New York, Sonic Circuits Festival Washington DC, 54th Venice Biennale. Her compositions are released on several international experimental music labels. She is co- founder of the label Corvo Records vinyl & sound art production.


MARTA ZAPPAROLI is an Italian experimental sound artist, improviser, performer, resercher and musician. She works and lives in Berlin from 2007. Her music mainly consists in strongly narrative sonic pieces that she builds using a wide variety of recording techniques, devices and selfmade microphones . She is interested on the boundaries and relations between real sound world ,vibration sound, noise pollution and inaudible sound .She building strongly narrative, imaginative sonic pieces live through improvisation with real-time tape manipulation.She performed in Festivals all over Europa, Turkey, Norway, Sweden and U.S.A . Playing with many highly regarded musicians and bands. Form 2010 she is a member of Berlin’s 24-piece Splitter Orchestra. She released several albums on Umbrella Noise records, Idiosyncratics, Audition Records, Nohmad Records and Zeromoon. She was also extensively featured on WDR3 Open Studio Elektronische Musik Deutschland , ZDF TV, and a variety of experimental radio broadcasts. In 2006 she received the MOVIN-UP Award for her field recording project An Audio Portrait of Berlin.

Info: http://martazapparoli.blogspot.de/


Taku Sugimoto and Ensemble
Taku Sugimoto: Electric guitar, Composition.
Johnny Chang: Viola
Koen Nutters: Double Bass
Bryan Eubanks,: Sine Waves
Rebecca Lane Flute
Derek Shirley: Cello
Michael Thieke: Clarinet

Septet This composition is conceived of as a sort of a double concertino for clarinet, flute, and small ensemble. However, the two main instruments, clarinet and flute, make no melody: the one tone is shared and repeated by them. I want to have the other instruments (viola, cello, contrabass, guitar, and sine-tone generator) work as if they are drawing several spectrums with the sound of clarinet or flute, so each of these instruments has a specific set of microtones to play. In order to make it easier to produce those of microtones, the stringed instruments are tuned anomalously; only harmonics or open strings are played. The very low frequencies are produced only by the sine-tone generator since these frequencies are too low to play with any musical instrument except piano.