Saturday August 22 2015 7:30pm

Thrall: Evokation des Ewig-Weiblichen presented by Nikolas Schreck

On Saturday, 22 August, Nikolas Schreck will make a rare public appearance at NK Berlin to personally present the world premiere of the World Operations concert film In Her Thrall: Evokation des Ewig-Weiblichen, which documents his acclaimed September 2014 concert with John Murphy at Dresden’s Tower Transmissions Festival. Nikolas will introduce the film of the concert with a lecture on the theory and practice of sonic magic, including an explanation of the ritual and musical background of the concert.

Musician, author, and Tantric Buddhist spiritual teacher Nikolas Schreck is the lead singer of Kingdom of Heaven, whose debut album XXIII was released in April 2014. Schreck founded the legendary ritual music collective Radio Werewolf (1984-1993) whose recordings The Fiery Summons, The Lightning and the Sun, Songs for the End of the World, Bring Me the Head of Geraldo Rivera!, Witchcraft/Boots: A Tribute to the Sinatras, and Love Conquers All were experiments in sonic magic designed to alter human consciousness and trigger specific long-range changes in the material universe. The final Radio Werewolf release, 2012′ s The Vinyl Solution, compiles the rare vinyl recordings along with previously unreleased pieces. He is the author of The Manson File: Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman (2011) Demons of the Flesh: The Complete Guide to Left Hand Path Sex Magic, (2002) co-authored with Zeena, Flowers from Hell (2001), The Satanic Screen: An Illustrated Guide to the Devil in Cinema, (2001) and the first edition of The Manson File (1988). Schreck’s documentary film Charles Manson Superstar (1989) features an extensive interview with Manson held in San Quentin Prison. Schreck’s other screen appearances range from the sublime Usher (Curtis Harrington, 2002) to the ridiculous Mortuary Academy (Michael Schroder, 1988). He conceived and produced Sir Christopher Lee’s first musical album, Devils, Rogues and Other Villains.

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