Saturday Feb 8 14:00-18:00 & Sunday Feb 9 12:00-16:00 2014


The voice is ephemeral and invisible: can we “write” the voice?

Aim of this workshop is to explore oral and written phenomena of voice, in particular to focus on the relationship between voice and gesture. In any vocal expression not only are involved uvula and vocal cords, but as well the vibrant, rhythmic, gesticulating body in its totality and uniqueness. As the voice is invisible, we can just make it visible through a gesture or drawing during the act of vocalization.

In this workshop we will find interactions between drawing and vocal expression to unveil the gestural aspects that are hidden in our voice. Using original methods of gestural drawing we will work on the process of visualisation of the voice. We will construct an original repertoire of physical gestures never disconnected from our own voice. We will learn innovative techniques (a.o. deformation, distortion, alienation) finding irregularities of the voice based on our individual body constitution, in order to reemerge the natural aspects of our voice, and to discover its original physical presence as a body expression.

Finally, we will experience together an innovative interdisciplinary practice in vocal performance art, in order to create a collective composition for voice, gesture, drawings, which will be publicly performed at the conclusion of the workshop.

The workshop is aimed at:
People interested in extended vocal techniques, noise and improvised music, sound poetry, visual poetry, body art, performance art. Singers, composers, musicians, dancers, actors, poets, visual artists, music/art/performing arts teachers or therapists.

A minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 participants.

What to bring:
Comfortable clothes, drawing paper, graphite pencils.

Location: NK Projekt @ Elsenstr. 52 2HH 2Etage 12059 Berlin

Workshop Times: Saturday 8. February 14:00-18:00 + Sunday 9. February 12:00-16:00

Public Performance: Sunday 9. February 20:00 – free entrance -

Please pre-register by sending an email to: with the subject line “Workshop Registration: The space between voice and gesture”


Alessandra Eramo is a sound artist, vocalist and performer based in Berlin. For her live-performances, compositions, videos and installations she works with the human voice as a multi-faceted instrument. Through the conjunction of sound and image, her work takes on hybrid forms between sound art, poetry and visual art. In the past ten years she performed and exhibited extensively in Europe, USA and Canada at contemporary music festivals, theatres, art galleries and artist-run spaces. She was trained in classical singing, piano, music theory and Japanese martial arts since an early age. She’s graduated with honors in visual art, experimental music and performance art at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts Milan, the University Ca’ Foscari Venice and the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design.

Alessandra Eramo’s Website: