Supercollider User Meetings

Free to attend come meet and learn from fellow SC users.
Next Meeting is at 8pm on April 30th.

Jost Muxfeldt will be presenting his SuperCollider GUI and production environment and discussing the ideas behind it. The system includes many IDE features like project management, quick access to files, automatic SynthDef GUIs, a GUI scrap board with preset saving, expandable MVC architecture, a score system and view for synth objects, etc. The idea behind the whole thing originally was to make an dirt-simple production system, which could then be used for incrementally and conveniently adding features to itself as needed. This system has been developing over many years. Jost will discuss some of the basics of how to make your own.

Call me if the door is closed. Dont forget to bring my nr.
017620626386 Farah