Wednesday May 14th 2014 DOORS 19:30 FILM STARTS 20:00

Sublime Frequencies Film Screening Robert Millis presents, THIS WORLD IS UNREAL LIKE A SNAKE ON A ROPE

Folk cinema from the eternal never-ending collage that is INDIA. A journey through the ancient Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu featuring Hindu trance ceremonies, street music, festivals, nagaswaram improvisations, impossibly loud cities, ancient temples, processions, devotions, decay, fireworks, abstractions and more. India is impossible to know: it is impossibly old and impossibly new, impossibly rich and impossibly poor, quiet and chaotic. Offered here is one perspective, raw, captured live and in the moment, with an emphasis on India’s complex and mesmerizing sounds.


Robert Millis is a founding member of Climax Golden Twins and AFCGT, a sound artist and a frequent contributor to the Sublime Frequencies label. He has composed for long and short films, created sound installations, produced and designed audio projects, and released many LPs and CDs. He is the co-author of the book Victrola Favorites and scored the cult horror film Session Nine. His most recent LP is Relief and was released by Helen Scarsdale. During 2012 and 2013 he was a Senior Fulbright Research Scholar in India studying Indian music, sound art and the early recording industry.

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