25th & 26th May 2013 16:00-21:00


Workshop will be structured subsequently: presenting the complex system of interaction in audiovisual performance, closer examination of each contemporary art form: audio (composition of experimental electronic music, live production, improvisation, sound characters and experiments), visuals (on a wider range of physical/visual interaction, interaction within responsive environments, and interaction between physical and virtual worlds) and movements (various dance approaches in performance; making conscious decisions in relationship to the audio and visual elements created and making maps for choreography generated by various qualities of movement.

authentic movement exercise in relationship to concept of shadows, dualities and atavisms), theoretical summary of each part, a functional explanation and practical experimentation with techniques and possibilities within each form, creating a new concept for the workshop group and final creation of new practical and concrete piece.

Attendants will be split into three groups, led by a person respectively in their focus of audio, visuals or movement. We will accent the constant relationship between audio – visual – performance. On conceptual level of audio representing time perception, common emotional experiences and abstract language, visuals building architecture in space, defying images or creating illusions, dance as presentation of dynamic force and velocity, together in interaction with audio and visuals. All approaches are versatile, all three parts of audiovisual performance has the same potency of carrying metaphors of the story, interpreting the final piece in a congenial trinity. We will explore the practical and conceptual implications of working with interactive tools, instruments and computer-controlled systems within performance conditions. Interactive tools and systems, ranging from multimedia and real time synthesis software (Max/MSP, Isadora) to the construction of proximity sensors (haptic, pressure and flex sensors, etc), distance-sensor (e.g. ultrasound, laser) or camera/video-based responsive environments and “seeing spaces”. All that linked to Audio (on Ableton Live), within action/reaction “forces”. Opportunities for learning about creative applications of digital technologies in dance and performance and for developing individual approaches and aesthetics are still not easy to have, and stronger partnerships between choreographers, musicians and software programmers but also with practitioners from the communications and social science fields need to be forged in order to further our understanding of the physical, cognitive, and social dimensions of interactivity.


TIME: 16:00-21:00
WORKSHOP REGISTRATION: stratofyzikaworkshop@gmail.com
WHERE: N.K. | Elsenstr. 52/2.Hinterhaus Etage 2, 12059 |www.nkprojekt.de