December 26-30 2013 Open each day 2-6pm

Rituals of Transformation / Exhibition by Louis Fleischauer

Vernissage Thursday December 26 2013 6:00pm

(Invocation of change on an individual level to avoid collective catastrophes)

Media: Human Energy, psychology, chaos magic, sculpted leather, sound, photography, video

Rituals of Transformation is an ongoing series of deeply psychological experiments specifically designed to invoke a desired change within the mind of the subject.

As a tool for this invocation Louis Fleischauer created wearable sculptures. Each piece is specifically designed and constructed towards a specific individual prior chosen for this purpose. The subject gets interviewed about the goal of the transformation, the reason behind it, and anything that could be used to represent the characteristic desired to gain or leave behind within the process of transformation. The act of transformation can be of a private matter or be invoked on stage. This exhibition is a reflection of both.

At NK project you can see the sculptures especially made for the purpose of transformation, as well as the documentation of various “Transformation Rituals”.

Since sound is an excellent gateway to the unconscious (where change needs to manifest in order to last) some of the sculptures have been used as Human Instruments, being attached to the subject with the help from hooks and amplified springs.

During the reception (26 December 18:00 – 22:00) the artist will be available to interview people who are interested in participating in a future Transformation Ritual.

The exhibition ends on New Years Eve with a collective cleansing Ritual, where people are encouraged to focus on one word or symbol that represents the main thing they want to leave behind. By letting go of dogmas, fears and obsessions we create space and energy for new dreams, new visions and new ways of thinking. Humanity needs a new mind if we want to survive and overcome our collective death wish.

About the Artist:

The art of Louis Fleischauer is an invocation of primal energy as an answer to a sterilized, consumer friendly reality shaped by a mass media to bread one homogenized people. Living within an artificial reality we ‘civilized’ people have become disconnected from our true nature. Louis’ art seeks to reopen a channel to the Pristine Self within the mind of the beholder.

Mr. Fleischauer is a sculptor, and body-artist using organic materials such as animal hides, bones, flowers, blood and his own skin. In his public rituals he turns humans into living sculptures and instruments, including his own body. Through a mix of agony and euphoria Louis falls into a state of trance. His sculptures are a reflection of this experience.

The Artist is best known through his projects “Aesthetic Meat Front” and “AMF Korsets”

Wake up – Never stop Dreaming!