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Exhibition Leif Elggren

dscf4709 Tochnit Aleph & NK Present: Exhibition of visual works by Leif Elggren, including his ongoing tabloid/magazine ‘The New Immortality’ and 38 new drawings. Also information about the Kingdom of Elgaland-Vargaland will be available and every visitor is invited to become a citizen of KREV (please bring 2 passport photos!) DVD-Presentation of ‘Death Travels Backwards’, a newly published DVD on Errant Bodies Press (/)
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Exhibition / Presentation Riccardo Climent

dscf4666 Ricardo Climent will discuss his new research in music composition and new media, involving the use of audio metadata and 3D game-engine software.
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Frank Bartz artist presentation

bartz_0021_layer-16 Pictures: Aniana Heras
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