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aka Reecard farché_is a one man Mechanical facéd sound creature from the depths of the the Australian übergründé.
Anklepants is a perfect specimen.
His eyes nose facé and mouth are perfect.
Anklepants is a live electronic music machine,voice and input from many custom controllers and sensors tailored within his suit.

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Föllakzoid began in Santiago, Chile from what they describe as the result of, “a product of a trance experience between friends, sort of a soul abduction in which they’ve been living since 2008.” The band is made up of multi-faceted artists: Juan Pablo (bass, vocals) is a producer of the Sangre Fresca Music Festival in Santiago, Diego (drums) is a photograher, Alfredo (synth) is an architect, and Domingo (guitar) is also a filmmaker who just premiered his first feature length movie “Partir to Live”. They believe that there is some sort of gravitational force that makes South America able to dialogue directly with other places, times, and dimensions. The band have all known each other from childhood in Santiago. They take their times recording albums, generally allowing two years in between perfecting their songs with their goal being to make something organic, that breaths on it’s own, which integrates into part of a separate, higher and bigger living organism.

This album shows the band growing an enormous amount as songwriters, focusing on more developed songs and structures. Throughout these five songs, Föllakzoid craft one of the finest kraut-rock record in years. Let them take you on a serpentine journey through their mystical Chilean land. Föllakzoid will be making their Us touring debut this spring.ÖLLAKZOID/153511308103907

After a successful 2012 playing shows with Tame Impale and at Lollapalooza, their new album II is out now on Sacred .

Recent press includes The New York Times :

and The Guardian :

The toured with psychic ills and played amazing shows at SXSW and AustinPsychFes

Gunter Schickert

Though his name barely registers among most of the Krautrock intelligentsia, Schickert was both prolific in the back scenes as well as being an important artist. Along with the better-known Achim Reichel, Schickert pioneered the echo guitar,on his first record SAMTVOGEL ( Metronome/Brain ) where the repeated guitar tones create unique multi-layered textures that take the instrument quite beyond the ordinary.

In 1973 Schickert founded the trio GAM, with guitarist Axel Struck and percussionist Michael Leske, and with Schickert on guitar, vocals and trumpet this group created a unique sort of freaked-out space rock. GAM recorded some jam sessions in 1976, which were finally released on cassette in 1986 titled Gam 1976, and an unreleased album called Eiszeit in 1978.

At this time Schickert was also creating music for a theater company,(Teatro Mu, Hundertfleck ) and even performing live on stage in some of the productions. He also served as a roadie for electronic music pioneer Klaus Schulze, and sometimes played live with Schulze as well. Schickertís second solo album, ‹berf‰llig, came out in 1979 on Sky Records, this time with Charles Heuer on drums to augment Schickertís echo guitar textures.

In the 1980s Schickertís work in theater production continued, and he also took part in a couple of bands, No Zen Orchestra and Ziguri Ego Zoo. A third album under his own name, this one a completely solo effort with him on guitar, tapes, vocals, percussion, and trumpet, Kinder der Wildnis, from 1983 only came out on cassette, though it showed that Schickert was expanding into a wider range of musical styles. Another collection, Somnambul, was released in 1995 on CD with music from throughout the decade and a half before that. Though his recordings are few and hard to track down, especially the debut Samtvogel, Schickert is an innovative music creator who deserves more notice. In the meantime he recorded many tracks that are still waiting to be released, HaHeHiHo, Bamiyan Camel Recall and so on. There has been a rerelease of SAMTVOGEL in Spain, on Wah-Wah- Records in Barcelona that will be followed by a CD in this summer in the States on Important Records.
He was invited by an american group called MASERATI for their tour in Germany and Prag.