September 20th 2014 Doors 21:30 Concert 22:00



Monno is like a wild ride on a furiously galloping horse that finds itself torn into pieces by human destruction. Monolithic stabs of distorted saxophone, infinite loops of electronic madness and the devastating pairing of a melting low-end bass and mammoth-like drums resulting in a rock solid wall of ancestral evoking frequencies. The noise of the end of the world and the silence which follows. Musicians: Drummer Marc Fantini, bassist Derek Shirley, Electronic musician Gilles Aubry and electrified tenor sax maestro Antoine Chessex.


Ignaz Schick – turntables, live-electronics
Jörg Maria Zeger – electric guitars
Burkhard Beins – percussion, objects

The live-electro-acoustic trio PERLONEX was founded in late 1998 and has performed and toured in Europe, Asia, Australia/NZ and North America extensively since then. Ranging from prominent contemporary music festivals to underground noise/punk clubs, from art galleries to obscure improv backrooms the wide variety of venues they have played marks out the musical spectrum of the group.
Through the interplay and friction of gradually shifting layers of sound, sonic interferences, interwoven loops and hidden repetitive structures PERLONEX is plumbing the depth of a rather complex sound material.


H. POLLARD has been busy making alternative sounds since 2002 and has released on various labels around the world including Noxagt’s Drid Machine, Shitmat’s Wrong Music & Staalplaats subdivision Le petit Mignon. He is a member of CLIFFORD TORUS , FULLY BLOWN DENTAL REFORM & runs his own label Neigh%Music.

Armed with a plethora of (mal)functioning and obsolete electronics, he delivers a nauseating yet ecstatic avalanche of disemboweling disco-hits filled with foul slap bass,vaginal harmonicas and soporifically iconoclastic grooves. RESIDENTS meets HOLLGER HILLER meets GODFLESH – like the caustic fury of a cosmic flatulence suspended in the dead space of an erotic, Kubrickian sci-fi nightmare.

“Horacio Pollard is an overlooked genius of experimental noise, and I’ve had a soft spot for everything I’ve heard by this English-Argentine fellow….he keeps his poisonous eruptions very listenable through use of simple repetitions, arriving at a very economical species of guitar riffage that makes this tape every bit as entertaining as a Led Zeppelin LP”

The Sound Projector 2013.