Dec 15 2012 12:00-19:00

* micro_blackdeath ATmega noise with Martin Howse

… to bring back to all of us a natural, occult equivalent of the dogma we no longer believe.
/[Antonin Artaud]/

The micro_blackdeath is a small, battery operated plague synthesis unit, embedding multiple contagion algorithms within AVR microcontroller, programmable filter and switched signal paths noise. During a one day workshop participants will learn how to construct, customise, tweak and play the yersinia pestis.

Returning the body, electronics, and dystopic code to the earth, revived and decoded years later as “yersinia pestis,” the micro_blackdeath marks a new development in virulent open source plague computing and audio re-synthesis.

Yersinia pestis is a fully fledged viral computation unit including a central plague unit [CPU] acting as interpreter for selected instruction sets which operate on the interior cells or sound-generating individuals (the simulation of a medieval village within the synth). Instruction sets include masque (of the red death, courtesy of E.A Poe), brainfuck, redcode, plain plague and SIR (susceptible, infected, recovered).

The micro-blackdeath is played like no other synth; although there is some degree of direct control, subtle interactions of instruction set and plague process over time distinctly alter the sound landscape, the medieval village itself played back as direct, physical audio.

Participants in the workshop will learn how to:

-assemble and solder SMD components

-code, compile and program AVR microcontrollers using free software

-generate complex audio using pulse width modulation, plague algorithms, in combination with a programmable filter, and white noise generator

Participants will take home a fully functional, custom coded micro-blackdeath (yersinia pestis).

Maximum Nr of participants is 12 Minimum is 6. Please preregister by sending an email to with the subj line Black Death

Fee: 45 euros Total =(25€ for materials, 20 € for participation fee). Please bring cash with you on the day of the workshop.

About Instructor: Martin Howse