Saturday July 6 2013 22:00



Kusum Normoyle is an artist and musician working in the area of extended vocal techniques and noise for both performance and installation.

Core to Kusum’s practice is the idea of intervention, displacing normal expectations of female body and voice. In performance these incursions are brief, extreme and physical. The female scream takes a much heavier tone; more like metal than hysteria, dragging the audience into a harder, faster display of screaming, amplification and feedback.

The provocation is not limited to staged events; they appear in public space such as the city street, empty lane ways or cliff edges, where passers-by become the audience. Confronted by an unexpected display of extreme vocals they try not to look, go about their business, ask if she is ok, mimic and honk their car horns and become immediate fans. These site specific noise events are focused conceptually on a re-distribution of listening, requesting the listener to discover or re-discover their audible contexts, as well as advocating action in these often homogenous environments.

She has performed at numerous festivals and events including ISSUE Project Room in New York City in (2010), Superdeluxe at Artspace for the 17th Biennale of Sydney, Liquid Architecture, the NOWnow Sydney, N.K Berlin, UrBANGUILD in Japan (2009), Lines of Flight Festival in Port Chalmers, New Zealand, and the 29th Biennial of Graphic Arts in Slovenia.

Collaborations include Robbie Avenaim, Sean Baxter, Monika Brooks, Peter Blamey as duo ‘Hard Hat’, Tim Olive, Robert Mayson, Wade Marynowsky, Marcus Schmickler and others.


Liberez are a group from Southend which was born out of a long running collaboration between former Woe members, John Hannon and Pete Wilkins. Recently joined by multi-instrumentalist Tom James Scott (who is also responsible for two excellent cds of solo guitar on the Bo Weavil label), and Nina Bosnic, they release their first LP entitled “The Letter” on Alter in the Autumn of this year. It is a phenomenal record of deconstructed improvisations that form a semi-industrial landscape of sound, whilst evoking a heavily dark and foreboding atmosphere. Hear the track “Atheist Rabble” from it below

Savoury Days say: “Sane Men Surround is the second album to emerge from Liberez, from the wilds of Southend-on-Sea. It is a record that lurches around Britain’s industrial past, and glares at its future. This is not the South-East of organised sport or wine-tasting, but of reduced food that goes out of service at midnight. It isn’t even the bobble-hatted embers of London’s fading media empire love-ins. It is an album with a brain and a heart, evoking the rumbling lorries of Essex, its scared sober marshlands, and peace riddled battlegrounds.”