Thursday May 11th 2017 Doors 20:00

JASSS / Evol / Lag Os / Xyn Cabal / Akis S

NK & Hypermedium Present:

KΓΆpenickerstr. 70

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is a sound artist and producer born and raised on the northern coast of spain. Jazz, african and south-american rhythms, were one of the first and formative influences of her life. In disagreement with the cultural and social norms of Spain she found solace in the unknown landscapes of sound. In her youth she was in punk and hardcore projects while developing a keen interest for industrial, dub and experimental music. In 2010, after moving to the Netherlands she began working with field recordings and electronic music. One year later in Berlin she began composing and scoring music for experimental films. In 2015 she made her first appearance as a DJ with a quite distinctive eclectic style that would become her signature. Her first record, Caja Negra ep, was released by the american label, Anunnaki Cartel. Later in the same year she released her second EP, Mother, on Mannequin records, these were the first two records of the series titled; Death of the Machines. Her first solo upcoming release, Weightless, on iDEAL recordings, combines her interest in electroacoustic music and Audiovisual performances.



Drawing inspiration from algorithmic methods of synthesis, fractal geometry, chaotic systems and quantum theory on the one hand and β€œhoovers” – the trademark sound of 90β€²s rave music – as well as the psychedelic impact of techno on the other, EVOL (Roc JimΓ©nez de Cisneros and Stephen Sharp) have managed to bridge two seemingly different worlds, creating their very own musical idiom that they have coined β€œcomputer music for hooligans”. Using archetypal synthesizers, programming languages and unusual sound sources such as air horns, their compositions flow across minimalist digital noise, frenzied and abstract sound collages and the dynamic acid de-compositions of their recent releases. EVOL records have been released by labels such as Mego, Diagonal, Entr’acte, Presto!? and Roc’s very own Alku and collaborators include Russell Haswell, Mark Fell and Francisco LΓ³pez.



is an audiovisual project from RubΓ©n PatiΓ±o that incorporates viscous sounds from a mysterious swamp, moving in between viscous mud, watery abstract landscapes and acidic tonalities.

PatiΓ±o is an artist working in the field of electronic music and visuals while explores the limits of concert, public event and installation. He is part of N.M.O (Diagonal / the death of rave). A rolling computerized ceremonial aerobics unit that together with Morten J Olsen. operates in a hybrid territory between club music, performance and inventive forms of sound spatialisation. PatiΓ±o has also collaborated with Arnau Sala aka Exoteric Continent and Roc JimΓ©nez de Cisneros.



is the new project of Timos A. that explores post-AI aesthetics and euphoric basslines.

Timos A. is one half of the Hypermedium label. As No God Ritual he has been making electronic music since 2010. His experiments in electronic sound synthesis culminated in 2016’s split EP with RubΓ©n PatiΓ±o. He has taken part in many exhibitions and festivals building installations that explore computational technology and sound.



The other half of the Hypermedium label.



Based in Athens, Hypermedium is a label dedicated to forward thinking electronic music. Since its launch in 2015, it has amassed a surprisingly diverse roster of artists such as rave deconstructionists EVOL, Athenian rhythmologist No God Ritual, Berliner concretist PatiΓ±o, Mexican skilled beat-maker Siete Catorce and Durban-based gqom crew Audioboyz.
Hypermedium is also the name of a club night featuring local and foreign dj’s and a monthly radio show.