Sundays 20, 27 November, 4 December 2011 from 1300-1800

iPhone Development with Chris Jeffs

So you’ve started developing for the iPhone, experimented with Objective-C and the user interface and made some apps of your own. Now what? The depths of the Cocoa Touch framework are so enormous that almost anything is possible. In this 3 part workshop using the latest iOS 5, we will explore just a few of these possibilities, the aim being to take away a finished app at the end of each session. The workshop will have an emphasis on interactive, creative and fun projects.

Each week a topic will be discussed, some ideas presented and a walkthrough for the basis of the app will take place. Some code snippets and helper classes are provided, and from then on it’s up to each participant to use their imagination to customise the end result.

Session 1 (20 Nov): Draw
The course begins with the making a “drawing” app – using the finger on the screen to make pictures with lines and other shapes, possibly animating them, and saving the results to the user’s picture library. But this will be more than just a mini-photoshop! It will allow the user to collaborate with others nearby, using bluetooth communication.

Session 2 (27 Nov): Camera
The inclusion of two cameras on recent iOS devices opens up many possibilities. The app we will make this week goes beyond the obvious to include pixel manipulation (slit-scanning, action freezing) and alternative representations of the data (pixellated or raster display.)

Session 3 (4 Dec): Game
iOS 5 makes it easier than ever to use OpenGLES, the standard graphics programming environment for mobile phones. We will be making a simple 2D game, exploring the topics of collision detection, sound effects and using the accelerometer, and possibly reusing the bluetooth communication code from week 1.

The workshop will be given by Chris Jeffs, author of 4 apps on the store that have been released this year. More info can be found at


This workshop is aimed at intermediate iPhone programmers. For information about the level of ability required, please visit

The use of XCode 4.2, and an iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad running iOS5 is compulsory. For the Camera workshop, a device with at least one camera is needed. No installation help will be provided.

If you have any questions about the content, email

Dates: Sundays Nov 20, 27, Dec 4

Times: 13:00-18:00

Fee: 25 Euros/session or 60 Euros for all sessions if paid at the beginning of the course

Location: NK Elsenstr. 52 2HH 2Etage 12059 Berlin

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