Monday Sept 22nd 2014 Doors 19:00


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Tickets also available for sale at the door.
We open the door at 19:00 (limited capacity come early to avoid disappointment)

Time Line for the night Don’t be late!
Given +/-15 min

20:00 Puce Mary
20:45 Bill Kouligas
21:15 Helm

Helm is Luke Younger, a sound artist and experimental musician based in London, working with a vast array of revolving instrumentation and abstract sound sources. Younger’s compositions build dense aural landscapes that incorporate elements of musique concrete and industrial music alongside hallucinatory drones and various acousmatic phenomena. Instruments morph into spectral rust, a shimmering klang swims alongside passive noise and the relationship between acoustic and electronic derived sounds forms a solid foundation.

To date, he has produced three full length albums; the self-released debut To An End, in 2010, Cryptography on Graham Lambkin’s (The Shadow Ring) KYE label in 2011 and 2012′s Impossible Symmetry beginning an ongoing collaboration with Bill Kouligas’ PAN label. 2013 and 2014 saw the release of two new EPs, Silencer and The Hollow Organ which were both well received by press and fans alike. Helm has developed an increasingly busy worldwide touring schedule also, sharing stages with artists as diverse and disparate as William Basinski, Destruction Unit, Cut Hands, Joe Colley, Amen Dunes, The Haters, Wild Classical Music Ensemble, Oneohtrix Point Never, Iceage, Tony Conrad, Terror Danjah, HTRK, Lee Gamble, Kevin Drumm and many more.



Bill Kouligas is a musician, designer and dj operating between NYC and Berlin. He is founder of the record label PAN, which recalibrates perceptions of the avant-garde and electronic dance music. Bill’s insistence on following his own path and passion has won acclaim from thinkers, collectors, and dancers alike, and puts his vision at the forefront of the electronic vanguard. After many years of performing and producing experimental music under different aliases this will be an all new live electronic set.

bill kouligas


PUCE MARY (Frederikke Hoffmeier) from the vital Copenhagen Posh Isolation scene returns to NK after playing at Incubate Festival 2014. Numerous releases on Posh Isolation, Freak Animal and performing with acts like Nurse With Wound, Sutcliffe Jugend, Dave Phillips, Pharmakon.