Jul 11th 2014 Doors 22:00 Concerts 22:30

Fredrik Olofsson / Trio Brachiale / Micorex

redFrik / playing the redShift audiovisual noise system.

Fredrik Olofsson is educated in music composition at the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm, Sweden. Ever since his graduation 14 years ago, he has worked with developing software and electronics for interactive installations. He has also travelled the world performing electronic music and live video – both solo and in different collaborations. Currently, alongside commissions, residencies, workshops and live performances, he is doing contract work for the project rhyme.no in Oslo, Norway and teaches computational art at Universität der Künste in Berlin, Germany.


Trio Brachiale – Alberto de Campo, Dominik Hildebrand Marques Lopes, Hannes Hoelzl.

TRIO BRACHIALE – Can one improvise with computers and electronics in lively, expressive, complex ways, change directions instantly, and communicate within a common flow? trio brachiale likes to think: yes! They have bred their soft- and hardware in a direction that allows for spontaneity like traditional instrumentalists are used to. Add all the surprises the computers can offer as an intelligent music partner. Navigating this space of possibility becomes a breathtaking cybernetic endeavor; the band name roughly indicates what the result will sound like.

Alberto de Campo has a background in classical composition and jazz guitar before focusing on electronic / computer music. He teaches Generative Art / Computational Art at the Arts University Berlin, and creates complex installation works, often with teams involving students and guests. He works with artists and musicians like Florian Hecker, Marcus Schmickler, and many others, and performs in a wide variety of contexts.


Dominik Hildebrand Marques Lopes has a degree in audio and video engineering from the Institute for Music and Media Düsseldorf. Currently he studies Arts and Media (Meisterschueler) at UdK Berlin, focusing on multichannel sound installations, improvised electronic music, building kinetic/cybernetic (sound-)objects, musical recording, and live-coding. As a computer musician, his main focus is on developing and performing with physical musical interfaces which, due to their constrains and functionality, have unique behaviour (or even life of their own) equally rich as many acoustic instruments. This approach leads to very direct (body) control of computational processes which can also be easily experienced as such by the audience. Dominik Hildebrand Marques Lopes is a member of “Trio Brachiale”, “Republic111″, “Patchwork Family” and the “Society for Nontrivial Pursuits”.

Hannes Hoelzl is an experimental musician and sound artist. He performs on self-devised electronic instruments in contexts of contemporary, jazz and noise music, as well as in dance and theatre productions and has played with hans w. koch, Zhang Jien, Josef Suchy, Mario de Vega, amongst many others. He is member of PowerBooks_UnPlugged, a qu__tet lectric and the Solar Sound Ensemble. His sound installations have been exhibited in various musea and galleries throughout Europe and east Asia. He is lecturer of sound at the Bremen Academy of Arts and guest professor at UdK Bremen. In Trio Brachiale, he appears with his Harmolodica, and other digital/analog/hybrid instruments.




Mico Rex is an experimental electro-pop mexican duo founded in 2010 by Ernesto Romero and Jorge Ramírez, pionners in live programming in Mexico.

Described as sticky, melodic and danceable, within a kaleidoscope of styles such as 8bits/glitch, oldschool/electro, romantic style,punk, geek, breakz, fresh, bolero, vocal, finura, 80′s from the future!!!

The live performance is a combination of structured pieces and improvisation with code accompanied with voice and home-made controllers in pain.

The sound design, structure and composition are made upon programming code for hardware and software developed by the group members themselves. They consider code as the most flexible media for live electronics performance.