April 30th 2015 Doors 20:00

Filmesperformance – Distruktur

Filmesperformance is the title of the series of shows by Distruktur that characterize by the presence of the authors during the moment of projection.

This presence can influence and affect the projection in different ways: mainly through the production of sound simultaneously to the film projection – music, text, noise – but also altering the image itself, through the manipulation of the projectors. The idea of something unrepeatable gains here another dimension, as it’s not only the live act that can’t not be fully repeated, but the films itself are mainly work-in-progress projects, fuelled by the authors’ constant production and therefore concretely changing each time they are exhibited, either through a new cut or through new images and sounds that enter each film’s constellation.

20h30- Opening Film
-IN THE TRAVELER´S HEART ( 20 min, 16mm, optical sound, 2013 )
Blessed is the one who waits in the traveler’s heart for his turning.
(L. Cohen, Poem 50)

21h- filmesperformance
STELLAR (3 min, 16mm, live music, 2012-2015)
Erik Haegert (synth, voice)
Gustavo Jahn (guitar)
Melissa Dullius (voice)
Bitter taste gives sweet feeling.

PASSEIO NOTURNO (Night Walk) ( 6 min, 16mm, live music, 2015 )
Amélie Legrand (cello)
Tatsumi Ryusui (guitar effects)
A night walk in four movements.

PRETO E BRANCO (Black and White) ( 10 min, 2 x 16mm, live music, 2015 )
Chatschatur Kanajan (violin)
The images that pass on the retina in my eyes—why won’t you set?
You pass like crystalline waters through a fountain to never again.
(Camilo Pessanha, Clepsydra)

FILME DE PEDRA (Stone Film) ( 30 min, 16mm, work-in-progress since 2011, live ) sounds and music
Eric Menard (voice)
Gustavo Jahn (guitar, synth)
Melissa Dullius (percussion, voice, synth)
Who has years to listen to the voice of stones?

VOYAGE VOYAGE ( 9 min, 16mm, live music, 2015 )
Erik Haegert (synth)
A constant flow caused by an electric-maritime stream that crosses bodies, minds and spaces.

DISTRUKTUR Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn are Brazilian artists and filmmakers engaged in analogue film and photography as an expressive artistic medium. They met in Porto Alegre in 1999, and shared their trajectories since then. In the end of 2006 on board a cargo ship crossing the Atlantic they formed DISTRUKTUR.

Their work, mainly in 16mm, stands on the intersection of film, performance and installation art. Film’s physicality gives it strength as a material for experimentation, through chemical manipulation, printing and reprinting, in-camera effects or through direct mechanical manipulation of the film material. Distruktur’s work merges a reflection on the state of the medium with a strong research in narrative/ artistic-cinematic language.

In their films, besides doing camera work, text and editing, they also appear as actors and create the soundtrack.

Current projects include the film-performance NAVIGATION, the work-in-progress FILME DE PEDRA, and their first feature film, in post-production phase.
The duo lives and works in Berlin.