January 20, 21, 22 2012!

Field Effect with Martin Howse

A three day workshop actively exploring the effects of electromagnetic fields on living systems; on the human body and the human psyche.

The effects of complex field interactions with such systems, particularly with the psyche, are largely unknown and open to debate. Field Effect proposes to obtain first-hand,experimental knowledge of these relations, using DIY technologies. Experiments already suggest links between low frequency electromagnetic emissions and experiences of hauntings and UFO sightings.

The first two days will be devoted to the construction of devices to both generate and measure magnetic fields and to examine the effects of these fields on living systems (such as plants or moulds), and on the body and psyche (measuring skin temperature, skin resistance, heartrate). In parallel, a series of experimental situations will be constructed to provide insights into the interactions between complex spectral ecologies (communication technologies such as wireless networks, mobile phone bases, TV, radio, power lines, motors, all electronic devices) and life.

Participants will learn how to construct simple devices to measure heart rate and skin resistance, how to interface these to software and log/interpret results and how to intervene within electromagnetic space. No previous knowledge of fields required.

Date: January 20, 21, 22 Time: 12:00-19:00
Maximum nr. of participants: 12
Preregistration is required and can be done by sending an email to info@nkprojekt.de if you dont get a response within 3 days to your registration mail please call us under +49(0)17620626386 to make sure that we have received your mail.

Location: NK
Elsenstr. 52 2HH 2Etage 12059 Berlin DE
Fee: 45 (participation) + 15 (Material)

Instructor Martin Howse