Felix Kubin with Mitch & Mitch / Warm Graves


…present their new release, “Bakterien & Batterien” !

In the autumn 2013, the formaldehyd elektronaut Felix Kubin and the incredibly flanging big band Mitch & Mitch meets, mixes and mingles in their studios in Warsaw and Hamburg conducting an electro-acoustic experiment: the production of an avant-garde pop library record. To reach this goal they invited German producer legend Tobias Levin to be their electric conduit. With their faces turned to the dark side of the moon and their hearts charged with the alluring moods of Gesamt-kunstwerk, they will descend into the cellar of human fear and entartete Rhythmik, sharpen their lenses and look right into the eye of electric voodoo. Upon completion of the delta phase, documented by the underground (but fully legal) laboratories of Lado ABC and Gagarin Records on stereophonic sound carriers, Felix Kubin and Mitch & Mitch will enter the next phase, called “sonic presentations” or “science’s litmus paper.” At the turn of 2013 and 2014 this Big Band X-ray music will arrive in some cities of Europe as a 10-person combo, aided by a sophisticated selection of instruments. Apart from the aforementioned material, they will also present special arrangements of previous exploits of both sets.

Influences: BBC radiophonic workshop, Czech and Polish film music, Stockhausen, Stockholm, Stroboscope, KPM library music, Raymond Scott, Daphne Oram, Jerzy Woźniak, Philips Research Labs, Electric Voodoo, Medical Disasters, The Final Flu, EKG machines, X-Rays, Silencer, Reverse Wagner, Mambo Mortale, Sequencer Music, Musique Concréte, Buildings of Concrete, Underwater Dishes, Explosions, Earthquakes, Maximum Capacities, Elevator Muzak, Electric Tootbrushes, Electric Shavers, Electric Chairs, Hairy Animals, Phase Extinction, Hörspiel, Sinister Reverberation, Pluto Solidarnosc…



After playing NK with Finland’s CIRCLE, leipzig’s sensational neo-kraut trio WARM GRAVES (who recently blew everyone away at FUSION FEST) will kick out their spheric jams at NK once again!