Thursday August 1st 2013 Doors 8pm!


EVOL- Roc Jiménez de Cisneros and Stephen Sharp produce what they call “computer music for hooligans”. Their work can be understood as an aesthetic exploration of algorithmic composition and a deconstruction of rave culture. Their music has been published on record labels like Entr’acte, Editions Mego, Presto!?, or their very own ALKU. Their work has been exhibited at numerous festivals, clubs, galleries and museums throughout the world. EVOL recordings, installations and performances display a radical and playful approach to audio synthesis, full of upward spirals, trance inducing patterns and challenging temporal structures, halfway between academia and psychedelia.

Recent published works include a 12″ with remixes by British artist Russell Haswell, the LP “Proper Headshrinker”, published by Editions Mego, and a classic acid mix for iDEAL.

Bill Kouligas is a musician, designer and dj operating between NYC and Berlin. He is founder of the record label PAN, which recalibrates perceptions of the avant-garde and electronic dance music. Bill’s insistence on following his own path and passion has won acclaim from thinkers, collectors, and dancers alike, and puts his vision at the forefront of the electronic vanguard. After many years of performing and producing experimental music under different aliases this will be an all new live electronic set.

Liesma is a new work from inimitable Berlin based experimental electronic music artist Chris Douglas aka Dalglish, Scald Rougish, OST etc. This is the debut of his Seaes alias on Cataclyst. If there is a concept to ‘Liesma’ it remains hidden, I prefer to think of it as autobiographical sound as opposed to conceptual. The track titles, as in much of Chris’s work are simply numbers which in this case refer to track position and what I assume to be a date. So my conclusion is that the dates refer to a particular day, and that the audio is a sonic articulation that captures the artists thoughts and emotions on the given day. ‘01. 4.6’ opens the album with a chilling sense of impending dread with menacing bass and erratic ticks, listening kinda makes me feel nervous, almost paranoid.

Antje Van Goh- Part of the project “The Banality of Affect”, an audiovisual installation of algorithmic trance music controlled by incoming data from the Dutch stock exchange, Reuters news agency and Twitter feeds of five world-renowned trance DJs, Antje Van Goh uses generative algorithms to explore the possibility of programming emotion and euphoria as agents of sonic affect.

DJ pato Rubén Patiño, also known as Pato, works in the field of computer music, an activity he combines with occasional incursions in the installation field. Together with Morten J. Olsen form Navnlaust Mønster Opptog, a strict exotic pattern oriented unit. He has also collaborated with Roc Jiménez de Cisneros, Olivier di Placido and Seiji Morimoto.