Thursday August 20th at Atonal Starting @ 20:00

DJ Scotch Bonnet & Friends / Ratbag / Krube.

NK Presents at Atonal

**Venue: OHM **
Köpenickerstr. 70

DJ Scotch Bonnet ft. DJ Tenshun, Walter Gross + Visuals by Inumikaku

All part of the Small But Hard Records collective, each member brings bass heavy, psychedelic, hip hop, punk experimental styles. Spanning many countries from Japan to California and everything in between, each one brings their own signature unique style  mixes between the 3 musicians. Walter Gross and Inumikaku will also be collaborating for an improvised visual mind bender. They will be working on a special unique set for this prestigious Berlin collective NK showcase as part of the Atonal Festival. this collaboration will be exclusive! don’t miss it!

Julian Davis Percy was born in 1978 in Melbourne, Australia.
His sounds are produced through the utilization of a diverse range of materials, consisting of objects found in abandoned factories, self made instruments, prepared guitars, classic analogue effects and samplers as well as traditional guitar playing. At present he performs with Last Dominion Lost, The Walking Korpses, Ultraspießer and his solo project Ratbag.

Sound Artist,based in berlin. Working under the Krube. moniker since 1999.
Krube. grabs your attention with antisocial cut-up, electroacoustic hate-speech and musique concrËte that combines sounds from field recordings ,everyday objects, and non-definable machinery.

giving way to the wall into which everything inevitably crashes.
If he’s to perform at your local venue, leave mama at home and witness.