Friday January 16th 2015 Doors 21:30

Julian Percy / Yvan Volochine / Jon Evans / Mat Pogo / Marta Zapparoli / ANY / William Nurdin / Tzii / Hugues Reinert / RPT / T.Strauss / Silence Bombay

DIE DESTRUCTION – William Nurdin invites Performers from Berlin & France :

BERLIN: Julian Davis Percy /

Yvan Volochine

Jon Evans
“microphony: test to destruction”

Mat Pogo /
outta my head

Marta Zapparoli /
Tools and central processing unit

The length of a calf

FRANCE: William Nurdin
Italian Organ

Tzii /

Hugues Reinert /
Classical Guitars

Media Support

Armon Piano

Silence Bombay
Some Stuff

« The amplified sound of the auto-destructive process can be an integral part of the total conception. » Gustav Metzger

After two session in Nancy (Fr), William Nurdin decided to move this event to Berlin (De). For this night 6 Projects from the French territory and 6 projects from the Berlin area will be there to bring to the audience their vision of destruction act. 12 Projects front the possibility to destroy, un-construct, exterminate, eradicate, smashed, shattered, wracked something in an acoustic way or amplified.

« Where sounds and noise turn into music, and where music turns into sound and noise? That’s a very interesting place to be. » Evan Parker, in Wire.

Some example(s) :

with the help of RoHS Prod. / NK.