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Control Unit is the duo of Silvia Kastel and Ninni Morgia. They released their first album “The Fugitives” on Backwards which has been highly praised by influential musicians and critics such as Julian Cope, who made their LP vinyl of the month in May 2012, defining their music a mix of old school industrial (Throbbing Gristle and Factrix above all), Suicide, Pere Ubu and no wave (Lydia Lunch).
The Wire contributor David Keenan wrote: “phenomenal minimal synth / cold wave / Euro industrial with references to the experiments of Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire”
Their second LP “In A Frame” has been released in March 2013 by UK label Altvinyl, also home to Zoviet France.

Control Unit also recorded and collaborated with Factrix (industrial pioneers of San Francisco, back after their last record in 1982), Smegma (of the seminal collective LAFMS), Gate (Michael Morley of the Dead C), Seymour Glass and Lucien Tielens (authors and publishers of the historical noise zine Bananafish), Gary Smith (Aufgehoben, Bill Fay Group), Chris Cooper (Fat Worm Of Error, Caroliner), Mama Baer & Kommissar Hjuler, Massimo (Mego Records) and many more.

They performed at international festivals such as Colour Out Of Space (Brighton, UK), Raw Meet (Boston, USA), Tinderbox (Oxford, UK), Interpenetration (Graz, Austria), Hunters Moon (Ireland), TUSK (UK) among others and toured several times the U.S. and Europe.

Releases on: Backwards (IT), Chocolate Monk (UK), Clan Destine (UK), Alt.Vinyl (UK), Fusty Cunt (USA), Ultramarine (IT), BUFMS (USA), Ricerca Sonora (IT), Goaty Tapes (USA)

Ninni Morgia is the guitarist and founder of the noise rock band White Tornado in 1993, with whom he has released albums and split with Oxbow and Colossamite. He has played with Roy Paci, Gianni Gebbia and lived many years in New York where he has worked with Lee Ranaldo, William Parker, Daniel Carter, Kevin Shea, Peter Evans and many others. From 2005 to 2007 he was part of the psych rock band The Otracina, with which he released two albums on the Holy Mountain record label.

Silvia Kastel has studied sound engineering and electronic music in New York and has attended workshops with Joan La Barbara, collaborated with Seymour Glass of Bananafish magazine and has been running the Ultramarine record label since 2009. Her work mostly focusses on extended vocal techniques, synthesizer experimentation and beat/percussion work.


Human Larvae’s performance will be a special collaboration with Chèrie Roi Chèrie Roi is a performance artist who uses the body as a medium to pass, not through mimetic representation, but as a work of art in its becoming, in its deepest essence. She began as a performer in suspension bondage and performed with the best Italian Bondager, for the first 5 years of his artistic career. She has written, directed and staged shows of extreme body art in London, Rome and Paris, collaborating with many artists such as Vagina Dentata Organ, Noel Noir, In Slaughter Natives and Nihil Sth

Active since 2005, HUMAN LARVAE has made his mark in mixing multiple industrial subgenres to his own twisted, doom-laden mix of gloomy power-electronics. An obsessive journey through collpasing human relations and spiritual downfalls culminating in an abrasive soundtrack towards a destination unknown and insecure.

“Womb Worship is one of most interesting industrial releases of 2013. Aggressive, warm, well-structured and conceptually thought-out, Human Larvae’s latest output shines in its full splendor and merges numerous influences and styles to create an incredibly dense work of art.”
(Thanatische Manifestationen, 2013)



Anemone Tube was founded 1996 in South-Germany; since 2010 based in Berlin. The audio works of Anemone Tube are a unique blend of dark ambient, noise, industrial and soundart with a strong psychogenic impact. The use of constantly shifting and altering sounds and moods is possibly one of the most intruiging things about the audio creations of Anemone Tube.

Since 2007 Anemone Tube has been working on “The Suicide Series”. To this fieldrecordings made in China and Japan build a conceptional basis. In a poetic way Anemone Tube combines analytical realism of the phenomenal world with buddhist psychology and nihilist rhetoric influenced by the works of Michael Haneke, Hayao Miyazaki, H.P. Lovecraft and J.G. Ballard.

“Effectively Anemone Tube achieves a sound that spans the divide between ‘academic’ experimental material and ‘underground’ industrial territory. Likewise within this context Anemone Tube have achieved a particularly unique sound, which these days can be a challenge to say the least within ambient / industrial spheres.”
(Noise Receptor Magazine, February 2013)

CD, vinyl and tape releases on the labels Auf Abwegen (DE), Silken Tofu (BE), Black Horizons (USA), Peripheral Records (GB) and Topheth Prophet (IL), etc. Live performances with Cut Hands (UK), Troum (D), IRM (Se), Jarl (Se), Last Dominion Lost (Aus), BJ Nilsen (N), Dave Philips (CH), Sudden Infant (CH), Wraiths (UK), Hybrids (B), Schloss Tegal (USA), Machinefabriek (NL), Anenzephalia (D), Ke/Hil (D), Post Scriptvm (USA), Inade (D), etc.



Roughledge is the imprint and stage name for Cédric Dambrain – composer, performer and instrument designer based in Brussels. His sonic research includes compositions for ensembles, solo works, electronic/computer music, installations and live performances. His activity as a composer culminated in the writing of 2012′s In Memoriam F.R. v.3 for processed trumpet and live electronics, to be released on a split 12″ vinyl (Sub Rosa, Belgium).
He’s currently producing computer-generated material spanning a wide sonic palette, from anarchic electronics to surgical otoacoustic synthscapes – focusing on physiological sound experiments and perception thresholds. His debut album, Subjective Slave (CD), has been released in fall 2013.
He recently completed the design of a music interface prototype with vibrotactile feedback, aiming to develop a genuinely physical approach of electronic music, to be used in live performances soon.