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/Circular Ruins/

Yvan Volochine / Rubén Patiño aka Pato / Fredrik Olofsson aka redFrik / Martins Rokis / JD Zazie / Manécante

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Formerly known as El Gusano Rojo, Yvan Volochine is a musician, producer and programmer based in Berlin. He ran the label ‘Hijos de Puta’, on which he produced and wrote several obscure and original music records since 2001.

Now focusing on sound synthesis via code, he programs his own instruments to perform live his dark and mesmerizing music.

Rubén Patiño aka Pato is a sound artist born in Barcelona in 1979,

Pato works in the field of Computer Music combining different sound synthesis techniques generated with Super Collider. His work is a blend of hyper energetic algorithmic composition, futile visualization and humorous stochastic flavor.

He has performed several solo performances in Spain, France, Germany, England, The Netherlands, Denmark and played in festivals like Zeppelin 2005, Transmediale 2006, MEM 2007, Super Collider Symposium 2010 and Echzeit Musik 2010. As well as live improvisations with tabletop guitarist Olivier Di Placido, Seiji Morimoto and occasional collaborations inside EVOL, a computer music cell led by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros.

He lives in Berlin since 2005.

Fredrik Olofsson aka redFrik was formally trained as a composer at the Royal University College of Music in Stockholm. Since his graduation 2000, he has worked as a freelancing artist creating visuals, electronic music and installations. As a video artist he has travelled the world collaborating with a multitude of performance artists, dancers and musicians. As a programmer he is known as a frequent contributor in the SuperCollider open source community. Together with the group/project MusicalFieldsForever he has exhibited interactive art at museums and galleries in England, Germany, Japan and in the Scandinavian countries.

redUniform is an audiovisual performance piece where i take on the role of a sad clown with a great fascination for red spheres and noisy sounds. all electronics, wireless sensor network, generative music and graphics were developed during my time as artist-in-residence at iamas, japan 2008.

Martins Rokis works with sound in different contexts with a particular focus on the mechanisms of sound perception, interpretation, combining interests in field of computer music and sound art. In his recent sound performances he is exploring possible synergy between control/decontrol merging prepared generative strategies with improvised real-time decisions that simultaneously influence and are influenced by generative or automatic computer based processes.

JD Zazie is an Italian sound artist based in Berlin with a long DJ background in radio (experimental electronic music, radio art) and live performance. Overlaying sonic textures and cutting them up with the “Äpfelzerstörer” method she explores the potentiality of the DJ tools turntable, mixer and cd players in order to build up surprising, abstract and de-contextualized sound atmospheres.

Besides her solo project she plays in such bands as Semerssuaq, Penates and B Unit, in different combinations improvising with different musicians and with the DJ collective Sistemi Audiofobici Burp.

She has participated in several exhibitions, festivals and events in Europe, UK and Canada as well as being a member of the Italian label Burp Enterprise and being active in the team of Staalplaat Radio.

Manécante is a music composer and DJ since 10 years. From ambient to harsh noise, her music is a trip into an industrial jungle of creaky sounds and dark atmospheres. She was previously member of the French band Logiqdupire.



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