August 6+7 2013 21:00

CIRCLE FEST – a two-night residency with finland’s most mysterious band

formed in 1991 initially as a tribute act to the british band LOOP (hence the name), CIRCLE is the most prolific and mysterious force of the finnish avant-rock underground. CIRCLE have constantly reinvented themselves, weaving hypnotic mantras out of exacting krautrock beats, heavy riffs, arty noise, dark psychedelia, and soundtrack-like beauty. hard, chilly repetition has served as the lone unifying theme throughout 20 years of experiments. as CIRCLE and under various other monikers (such as FALCON, PHARAOH OVERLORD, PHARAOH OVERLÖRD, MOTORSPANDEX and many more) they have over the years been releasing a disorienting host of albums on various micro labels, constantly confusing their fans with hazardous stylistic changes and mind-blowing live shows.

now these legendary characters will play a two night residency at NEUKÖLLN’s mighty NK art space – playing as CIRCLE on 06.08.2013 and as their evil stoner rock alter ego PHARAOH OVERLORD on 07.08.2013 (the overlords have never played BERLIN before, that much for the records). drastically reduced two night passes will be available, more surprises and specials are in the pipeline.

breaking news: krautrock legend, Faust member and acclaimed producer (among many others, he has been responsible for CIRCLE’s ALOTUS) Hans-Joachim Irmler will join Pharaoh Overlord on