From 22nd to 26th March 2010

Build your own theremin

Time: 14:00 to 18:30 daily with 30 min break

This workshop allows each participant to build their own theremin. The first electronic instrument, invented in ’20 by Lev Termen.
Starting with instrument designs from these articles, we will modify each theremin in a unique way. The built instruments will have the features of a real theremin, with more than 5 octaves and 2 antennas, for volume and pitch control.


More Info:

sounds, samples, clips

100 Euros for participation + 55 Euros for parts
Registration: Preregistration is required and can be done by sending an email to

All parts included except cabinet (see below)

  • Electronic components, capacitors, resistors, transistors, ics, coils etc
  • Printed Circuit Board
  • Connectors, Mechanical parts: screws, spacers, washers, tube rod to build the 2 antennas, etc

Those who have access to these items through other means, must submit the parts list for a check before the beginning of the workshop.
workshop price minus parts is 100 euro

The cabinet sizes have the main role in the behaviour of the instrument and its playability.
The two antenna (horizontal volume loop on left and vertical pitch rod on right) may be spaced in a range from L= 400 – 500 mm, to avoid interferences The other two are related to the overall dimensions of electronics and the other devices as antenna connectors etc: must be l 120-140mm X h 40-50mm. Thickness from 10 – to max 14mm. The cabinet has its cover. All conductive materials are not advisable.
Wood (plywood) or MDF (Medium density fiber)are as cheapest as reccomended.
We can refinish some holes on the cabinet during the workshop
Recycled enclosures, a broken C64, 128 or VIC20, an old tubes radio receiver, will host the electronic of your theremin. Set in motion your imagination and eyes during your walks and visits to flea markets.
A complete cabinet ready to be drilled and used, we suggest a box like this, item 520780-62 from Conrad :sizes are far below only in widht L min, (310mm) but the instrument can still operate properly only with a little modification.
You can also build, test your electronic antennas in a mannequin-box, waiting to fit into your cabinet

Every participant would bring
Soldering iron (Lötkolben) 30w 20-45W max – 230volt round tip (spitze) of 1.5mm I.E, items 588552-LN or 588332-LN

POWER SUPPLY (WALL WART ADAPTER – STECKERNETZGERÄT) standard 230 volt ac – 12-14 volt AC 300mA . This is a very popular device, take a look in your house. ATTENTION:switching mode power supply is not allowed

Cutter, screwdrivers and pliers, a multimeter and 2 mt of soldering wire Sn60%Pb40%, are welcome but we have some of these items and we can share these things

About the theremin