May 22nd 2016 Doors 20:00 Concert 20:30

Brutal Blues / Henry Collins / Fredrik Olofsson / DJ Shigeshige

NK Presents:
Veteranenstraße 21
10119 Berlin

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Brutal Blues

Are you ready for 100% authentic deluxe delta blues from Mississippi? Too bad, because Brutal Blues is a grind band from Norway. This duo consists of Steinar (PSUDOKU, Parlamentarisk Sodomi) on guitar/vocals and Anders (Clifford Torus, MoHa!, Noxagt, Ultralyd) on drums/vocals. They play modern and raw grind optimal for most situations.

Henry Collins
his approach ranges from sensitive to absurdist, from carefully considered minimalism to barely contained chaos. His music is largely unplanned, and encompasses the use of found objects, deliberate disregard for idiomatic conventions other than a singular belief: that all objects are instruments and all activities performances.

Fredrik Olofsson vs The Green Monster
A struggle with a green menace machine, where the outcome is an immersive audiovisual noise.

DJ Shigeshige (small but hard records)