Thur Aug 21 16:30 & 20:00-24:00

Berlin Atonal 2014

NK PRESENTS at Berlin Atonal 2014

Kraftwerk Schaltzentrale (inside Kraftwerk building):
Dmytri Kleiner and Baruch Gottlieb present the “Miscommunication Technologies” series of artworks by Telekommunisten. “Miscommunication Technologies” explore the social relations embedded in communications platforms by creating technologies that don’t work as expected, or work in unexpected ways. The artworks in the series allow the contradictions of technological production to be critically experienced and confronted. Presentation begins at 16:30 and registration on is, as always, essential.

OHM Berlin concert program (during mainstage concerts, next to main concert entrance) featuring errorsmith, redFrik and a performance of AudioVisual Anarchivism by Alberto de Campo & Dominik Hildebrand Marques Lopes:

20:00 AudioVisual Anarchivism
21:00 redFrik
22:00 errorsmith DJ set

errorsmith is a Berlin based producer, DJ and synthesizer developer making music on self-built Reaktor instruments. Building and improving the instrument while developing a musical piece is the main part of his music making. He is part also of MMM (with Berghain resident dj Fiedel) and Smith n Hack (with Soundstream/Soundhack). He developed RAZOR, a synthesizer released in collaboration with Native Instruments.


redFrik (Fredrik Olofsson) is educated in music composition at the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm, Sweden. Ever since his graduation 14 years ago, he has worked with developing software and electronics for interactive installations. He has also travelled the world performing electronic music and live video – both solo and in different collaborations. Currently, alongside commissions, residencies, workshops and live performances, he is doing contract work for the project in Oslo, Norway and teaches computational art at Universität der Künste in Berlin, Germany.


‘AudioVisual Anarchivism’ is composition & visualisation by Hannes Hoelzl & Alberto de Campo, with linguistic material and programming by Daniel Hromada and performed by Alberto de Campo & Dominik Hildebrand Marques Lopes. Modern devices have huge numbers of image, video, audio and text files hidden away deep down in their operating systems. AudioVisual Anarchivism aims to free these secret libraries of Borgesian dimensions from their dark dungeons so they can breathe the fresh air of audiovisual performance, and maybe find purpose in life.



Kraftwerk Schaltzentrale
16:30 “Miscommunication Technologies”

20:00 AudioVisual Anarchivism
21:00 redFrik
22:00 errorsmith DJ set