13th & 14th of June 2015 from 12:00 onward

Befaco DIY Modular Synth Workshop

You will learn the basics for building your own modules from the most simple parts.
At the end you will have a module to begin a system or to add to your existing rack.
Participants can decide between any of the modules that are available.

In the workshop one can build at least one device the more experienced can build more than one module
Modules are in Eurorack format and you can choose between Banana or mini-jack connector

Befaco is a Synth DIY/open hardware platform based on Barcelona, focussed on designing modules and organizing modular synth workshops in Madrid, Barcelona, London and Berlin.
Duration: 2 Independent days (~8 hours/day)
Max participants: 18
Target of participants: People interested in electronic music, analog synthesis, modulars, experimentation, DIY, performance, sound, audio engineering.
Language: English / Spanish
Material Costs: NO Fee,Participants pay just the kits to build. Kit Includes all you need to make the module.
Location: NK Berlin
Required skills: No previous experience in electronics– Just need interest and patience.
Required materials: Fine tip soldering iron + solder wire
Registration: befacosynth@gmail.com

More info at befaco.org