Saturday 8th May 2010 19:00 h

Art Kill Art Label Night

Repulsive Society / Presbyacusis 2 2 20 000 HZ
Yann Leguay / Wireless
Valentina Vuksic / Trippin Through Runtime
Schwarzes Loch (silent loop streaming) by Carl Y

Artkillart is a label based in Paris and Berlin, created in 2007 by Kévin Bartoli, Thomas Pigache and Clément Lyonnet. Its purpose is to promote experimental audiovisual and sound art. In reaction to dematerialized music, the artists of the label refocus on material objects. They are invited to conceptualize and design an object exploring the quality, the complexity and the limits of different media (including the dvd, cd and vinyl) and conceived as an experience both for the artist and the audience.

/// Repulsive Society / Presbyacusis 2 2 20 000 HZ

Presbyacusis 2 2 20 000 HZ is a sonic performance based on the frequencies commonly used by sonic weaponry technology (LRAD, Mosquito, Sonic Nausea, Mind Molester), the performance explores the outer limits of human hearing and is not recommended for children, pregnant women and people with heart disease. You have been warned.

Repulsive Society is a digital media & sound art collective. Repulsive Society focuses on subverting the security technologies and the non-lethal acoustic weapons.

/// Yann Leguay / Wireless

Wireless : this word defines every wireless technologies : GSM, UMTS, 3G+, WiFi : LAN, WLAN… but also the classical hertz frequencies (radio, tv, radars…) … The various wireless technologies have modified our communications, but also the electromagnetic landscape, sometimes creating saturated areas. No one really knows today the exact consequences on the human brain, it is a true experiment in which we participates. The performance Wireless proposes to makes audible this invisible landscape.

Yann Leguay is a visual artist & composer. He is a member of the Radio Free Robots collective and the director of the label Phonotopy. He’s also the director oif the Artkillart DRIFT collection.

/// Valentina Vuksic / Trippin Through Runtime

A collection of elderly laptops is being examined via magnetic pickup microphones. The microphones transform the magnetic waves around the various electronic parts of the computers. Each action upon the laptops can be sensually experienced through a broad range of layered sounds. Already plugging the power and booting up an operating system reveals an own small-scale universe of sounds and provides insight into the complex spare room emerging between hard- and software. This space is being explored and further modelled by triggering actions on purpose. System analysis tools, stress tests and custom c-programs shall bring the characteristics of each machine into the limelight. „Tripping Through Runtime“ is a long-term study, diving into the invisible interrelationships of hard and soft computer matters by sensual means. The project aims at provoking and detecting specific behaviour of individual computer components in match with adequate software pieces. The microphone demonstrations are part of the first experiments to become acquainted with the hardware components.

Valentina Vuksic (CH/NL), is a computer artist and programmer living and working in Zürich since 2001.

/// Carl.Y (Mulhouse- Fr)

The sound production of Carl.Y. always arises from a strong concept as he was so well taught in art schools, but finally we fast piss off… It is for it that it turns, towards the insignificant, the waste because it is of the decomposition that we bring out the excellence. Schwarzes Loch is a simple concept, sending silence through the web and playing with its feedback.

Trained as a visual artist, Carl Y is based in Mulhouse. Since 2000 he has been involved in several musical projects using streaming technologies and field recording. He is co-founder of the (((NOMUSIC))) and Noplacard Festivals (