Saturday Jan 25th Doors 20:30 Talk @ 21:00 Concert @ 21:30

Arnaud Riviere / Jealousy Party / knyppel / Ruben Patino / Peter Kutin & Florian Kindlinger

Arnaud Riviere
Trafic in the DIY area : metal pieces, wires and stuff stuck into the mixing board. Put the out in. This is not at all made for this, but why not.
A pick up, rather plastic one, explosion required, but re-enforced to resist.
It has to take it.
Not necessarly using records, sometimes even metal one or other.
Also captors, they go where they fall, or not, not always. With and via springs though.
Well, otherwise, feedbackophile, unshamedly, with both hands, Arnaud Rivière, 27 years old in 2001, is making his own with curves and accidents.
Uses bicycle to travel with pleasure in Paris but doesnt recieve much.

Jeaolusy party is an abstract r&b band founded in Florence, Italy, blending noise with free funk and idiosyncratic electronic collages in a personal way they call punca.

Active since 1995 they built a personal and recognizable style even keeping their personnel constantly open to variations and flexible for specific explorations

Knyppel is a collaboration between Ann Rosén and Fredrik Olofsson. With the unusual interfaces of lace pillows and embroidery hoops, they struggle to control a noisy audiovisual system. The system produces sound and graphics that are not always pleasant, and as Ann and Fredrik try to push it to their liking, an endless rabbit chase starts – a man-machine feedback loop. As with all feedback systems, it gets interesting only when there is some kind of ‘dirt’ in the feedback chain and no side wins. Here the dirt is the textile controllers and the duo’s inability to master them. They are built so that the performers just cannot react and counteract with speed, planning and precision. The performance by Knyppel highlights questions of what is fake and what is real, what is a call and what is a valid response, who or what made which sound?

Ann Rosén ( - |
Fredrik Olofsson ( -

Rubén Patiño, also known as Pato, works in the field of Electronic Music & Fine Arts.
He is part of Navnlaust Mønster Opptog, a  military space techno project together with Morten. J. Olsen. He has  collaborated with Roc Jiménez de Cisneros, Olivier di Placido and Seiji Morimoto.

Peter Kutin – works with sound as composer, producer, sound-sculptor born in an austrian industrial area located on the country side: now practically based in vienna but permanent in transit. he realized a wide variety of works & sound-ethnological projects. beside solo works he collaborated with other musicians, film-& theater directors, visual artists as well as journalists ; in studios, in the field and on stage. after accomplishing his latest project ‘desert-sound’ in the abandoned regions of the Atacama, he has become very interested in the resonance-patterns of glacier gaps.

desert sound is a sonic-essay about erosion, decay & time . a decomposition .

all recordings were done within el desierto de atacama – the driest region on earth. By using a recording-system that made it possible  to get synchronised mutichannel field-recordings that capture different layers of experienced realities . Therefore the recordings are not limited only to sonic transmitted in the air (to which we usually refer to as ‘audio’), but also within materials  (sand of dunes, saltcrystals, water, var. surfaces) , within lists of recorded data (gps, temperature, humidity, etc.) , or in different frequency ranges beyond the auditory spectrum (eg. Radiowaves). We focused on recording abandoned places : ghosttowns . abandoned cementeries . unused mines . empty fields & rooms . most of these ruins can be found in the nearfield of former industrial areas once set up by copper and nitrate mining-companies.  Today these places are relicts, they erose, fade away without any active human influence . Within this process of erosion and decline, these buildings have a very charactersitic acoustic presence . Due to the atacama’s extremly low humidity, the atmosphere is very stable during the whole year, which makes it a perfect window for astronomers to observe the universe . The latest generation of ground based high-tech-telescopes has been set up in the atacama :  from here , astronomers are watching and documenting the past . they collect data from light-sources that might not even exist anymore : data mining. One day these high-tech machines will also cease to be useful, and this giant buildings will one day also become relicts, ruins.

Desert sound is written for a dark room, a video/light projection and a multichannel sound system of at least four speakers able to reprodcue a wide dynamic range.

Florian Kindlinger, (AT) is a sound artist / engineer working in the field of installation, live electronics and experimental music. Besides the realisation of sound installations and recordings he has been working as a sound designer for theater and film. He is currently working and living in Salzburg and Vienna.