Wednesday Sept. 7th to Friday Sept. 9th 2016

Andrea Borghi Discomateria Exhibition

Hyperlinear and N.K. present

Opening night: Wednesday Sept. 7th from 6pm
Exhibition: Thursday Sept. 8th and Friday Sept. 9th from 12am to 6pm

at Museum Kesselhaus KEH

Andrea Borghis recent work is focused on the idea of “osmosis”, with particular attention to an osmotic relationship between sound and matter.

Discomateria are objects in the shape and size of an LP manufactured in various materials such as glass, resin, metal and recently marble amongst other materials.
In practice, discomateria are used by Andrea Borghi to produce sound directly from the material by being played on modified and customized turntables and processed with substances that transform the structure of the materials surface such as acid.
These discs are treated and in real-time processed to generate sound and also becomes autonomous art objects.

The idea of osmotic sound derives from the motivation to overcome a “superficial” effect of sound and to make it as tangible as possible for the listener, through a psychoacoustic effect in a certain way “epidermal”. The sound becomes tactile and the material becomes auditory.

The sound source is real-time processed through Max/MSP patches (algorithms for sound processing) specifically designed to “shift” various registers of audio treatments to obtain a more physical and material effect in relation to the space.

About the development of discomateria, Andrea Borghi says:
„My idea for discomateria project comes in large part from my background training in the visual arts, studying at the Art Institute and the Academy of Art and subsequent experiences in sculpture studios working as a sculptor and mold maker. In this way I have become familiar with the different materials and their characteristics, and the processing techniques. For me, much of this is now essential for the realization of discomateria objects.“

and further:
„I made the first discomateria for my installation “Omaggio a Lucio Fontana” in 2010. At that time the idea was to create a relationship between the art object and its specific role in space through the sound produced. This was my way to reconnect to the ideas of “Spatialism” that Fontana has carried on for much of his career.“

Andrea Borghi (1974) is a sound artist and electroacustic composer based in Pietrasanta, Italy.
He completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara in 1997. After starting out as instrument player he attended courses in composition and electronic music held by composer Andrea Nicoli at the Conservatory of Music G. Puccini in La Spezia and also expanding his activity in the field of visual and sound art, investigating their possible connections. His research is centered on using the software Max and often performs in audio-visual contexts. In 2002 he created Quaalude in collaboration with Dino Bramanti (1969-2008). Most recently his work has focused around relationship between sound and matter. Founding member of the electronic improvisation quartet VipCancro, Andrea’s work is published on international music labels such as and/OAR (USA) Reductive (ESP) Observatoire (RU) Cipher Productions (AUS) SQRT (PL). His most recent cd Salnitter was released on Contour Editions. His main occupation is as an art teacher.

Hyperlinear, N.K. and the Museum Kesselhaus are delighted to welcome Andrea Borghi for his exhibition of the sculptural aspect of his discomateria project in Berlin at the historical Kessel Ebene (boiler level) of the Museum.

For the closing night of the exhibition, Andrea Borghi will create a new autonomous sculptural work throughout the performance by processing a disc of raw material.