Thursday June 4th at 21:00 Sharp!

Alberto de Campo & Hannes Hoelzl

N.K. presents their second year of Musical Thursdays at Uferstudios for this year’s DRECK: EIN APPARAT.


Venue: Heizhaus @ Uferstudios
Uferstraße 8, 13357 Berlin

** Digital Detritus Delirium by Alberto de Campo & Hannes Hoelzl **

de Campo and Hoelzl are teaming up with their non-human partners to dive into the discourse on Dreck, dirt and debris in the digital domain: from garbage collection to data shredding, bit dumpster mining to information recycling and beyond.

The performance takes the shape of a dual dialog between human and machine intelligences, an intra-active bash between full buzzword compliance and preemptive obsolescence …

What we’ve learned from our inorganic partners so far, is:
“There is no waste
in cyberspace”
(after Julia Scher)

Hannes Hoelzl is an experimental musician and sound artist, researcher in hybrid music systems and academic teacher. He performs on self-devised electronic instruments in contexts of contemporary, jazz and noise music, as well as in dance and theatre productions and has played with hans w. koch, Zhang Jien, Mario de Vega, amongst many others, and is member of several music ensembles. His sound installations have been exhibited in various festivals and musea throughout Europe, East Asia and the USA. Currently, he is assistant professor at the Berlin University of the Arts.

Alberto de Campo is a musician and composer doing experimental art with electronic and computational means. He likes playing solo and in ensembles like Trio Brachiale, powerbooks_unplugged, and others, at times with code as interface, at times with a mix of self-written software, diverse interfaces and analog devices. He is also a professor for generative art / computational at Berlin University of the Arts, and enjoys creating complex cybernetics-inspired installation pieces, often with many participants.