Friday October 3 Doors at 21h concerts start at 22h

‘a transition from red to green’ FREDRIK OLOFSSON + friends

Entrance: donation

This evening with noise, graphics, instruments and light concludes a 10 year long project working with red as an artistic idée fixe. redFrik and friends will one last time perform the audiovisual pieces redUniform, redAlert, redShift, redeem, redO.
The evening also marks the beginning of a new 10 year long green project. A transition performance is planned for midnight.

Fredrik Olofsson – redUniform, redAlert, redShift for video and electronics.

Sören Hermansson – redeem for French Horn, video and electronics.

The peärls before swïne experience – redO for flute, violin, cello, piano, video and electronics.

Doors at 21h, concerts start at 22h.
Red and green drinks and snacks will be served in the bar.