Saturday 19th of May 2012

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to unforeseeable circumstances tonight´s event would be postponed to a later date.TEN YEARS SALON BRUIT JUBILEE

Fundraiser “10 years Salon Bruit Jubilee”





THE FAKE SISTERS – working for eleven years now the fake sisters cannot decide what they are called. They played as FAKE VIRGIN in a pornokino, as FAKE MASTERS in the cabaret voltaire (feat. scribble sr2) or as FAKE FAMILY in King Kong Klub.

-beats and noises produced by SCHMACKE
-voice and electronics by FAKE MISTRESS

presenting the abyss of your flowers in a´jar

MANGROVE KIPLING on guitar presents: “Virgin” A videosonic recollection of memories, a rapture, in a parallel continuum, water under various forms, and your memories to complete it. Think back, you know it all.

LiFeLooP In KnifeMode The sound of objects (often selected on the day of the performance) are relayed, through contact microphones, to a multi track looper and digital delay. From these sources and with these devices the sound ways of these elements are discovered and exploited. The materials themselves are not what is important but the procedure that their sounds are put through. “The resulting quale, whatever it may be, has its meaning wholly determined by reference to the hearing of the sound. It is that experience mediated.” (John Dewey) With this in mind the work process will be an open one. The frankness of the techniques shown in the work enables the audience to easily understand the relationship between the physical and the sonic. And so enhance the subjective perception of the moment.

Séamus O´Donnell (LiFeLooP) works as artist and organiser on different sound art projects since 1999. Solo or collaborative projects (for performance or installations) can include FM radio experiments with receivers and self built mini-transmitters; reel-to-reel tape machine loop or relay set ups; or a live set with a any mix of manipulated field recordings, self made devices and other more traditional instruments and machines. As an organiser he works mostly with Salon Bruit e.V., an association for audience and composers interested in experimental music and video works.

ANY [Us] – Koba [Fr] – Dr. Nexus [Bln]

Deep inside the molten chambers of a blast furnace, the key of abyss opened its mouth wide and all that was left was unknown kicking and twisting matter.
It is to this tune we play.

ANY – Abyssal vocals
Koba – Bended HR16, miscellaneous electronics
Dr. Nexus – Suitcase of Chaos

Each member of CRUST has his own long year work backround. Any comes from dance and performance, Koba from instrumental improvised music and noise music, Dr. Nexus soundart, installation, noize and industrial music.

MICHAEL SCHMACKE – “ROTTEN WONDER” An analog slide show in collaboration with germs and the process of decay. The colourful side of death. Since 1988 Michael Schmacke’s installations deal with nature, who we really are and where we really might be.

OLIVIA PILS presents her latest sculpture Soundtrack für verschreckte Maschinen which translates into : ‘soundtrack for frightened maschines’, consisting of three arduino controlled electric knives and voice. The human voice and the sound of the maschines fuse into a musical composition. Olivia Pils a.k.a. FAKE mistress is an artist and performer living and working in Berlin since 1992.

JULIAN BONEQUI (MX) – “mentaler Lärm”

Digital animation and illustration projected on a small monitor (wip).

Other Salon Bruit artists’ info and web:

Salon Bruit eV. is a Berlin based non-commercial forum for both audience and artists interested in experimental music and video works, as well as installations and workshops. Salon Bruit started in 2002 in Berlin as an open platform for international artists of various backgrounds who experiment with sound, art, music and noise in unconventional ways. Salon Bruit continues to organize concerts in Berlin while, at the same time, building its European network in order to travel and interact with other artists at co-organized projects across Europe. A unique quality of the association is its open, interdisciplinary and independent approach with continuous presentations in the form of regular concerts and performances, independent radio projects and exhibitions in Berlin and other European cities. The club sees itself as a cultural ambassador as well as an intermediary in cultural exchange. Outside of Berlin the most extensive contacts have been made so far in France, Ireland, Czech Republic, Denmark and most recently Poland. This summer, Salon Bruit will be celebrating its tenth anniversary with event all around Berlin throughout the month of June.