September 2016

Wir Sind die Roboter 2016

The first ever international music-robot convention!

Gamut Inc & N.K. Projekt present a three-day festival on the topic of music- robots and machine-music. In concerts, lectures and different discourse formats, we will present many international ensembles from Europe and beyond that build their own autonomously playing music-machines. We will interpret classics of the 20th century on music-machines and also invite composers to write new music for these wild machine-inventions.

The festival will take place in Berlin in September of 2016 with three days of concerts, installations, talks and presentations. The festival includes, among others: robot orchestra of Logos Foundation Ghent; gamut inc; Hacklander \ Hatam; Sonicrobots; Marcus Schmickler; Pierre Bastien; Nicolas Bernier; and many more.

Supported by the HKF
@ Musikbraueri
Greifswalderstr. 23A