Whistleblower Sun Salute (Public Event)

Gather at Brandenburger Tor to welcome June 5 with a whistle-blowing session led by composer Colin Hacklander of N.K. Projekt.

Limited number of whistles will be provided; bring your own if possible.

Whistleblowing begins at 8:00 sharp. Be on time!

Come pay tribute to Edward Snowden and other whistle blowers who shed light on institutional & governmental misconduct. Blow your whistles to show support for those who act in the public interest & in the defense of democracy!

Bring a whistle, any whistle, to experience ‘participation’ (As collective action? As application of thought? Or as agent of normativity, or obligatory cooperation?) in this public display of individual lung-capacity stamina multiplied into collective sonic mass.

Information will be provided including legal definitions of Whistleblowing, statements from Snowden and new arguments on civil disobedience as the public is invited to share this simple visceral experience of physically blowing whistles together.

Here comes the sun!

Audio from the event will be recorded for use on an upcoming piece.

This morning-event commences The Magical Secrecy Tour & Happening on June 5, 2014, one year since NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden was introduced to a worldwide public, thus launching the entire globe into dialogue on mass surveillance, data collection politics and the behavior of national security institutions.

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